Blood for a Silver Dollar


Action / Romance / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BruceCorneil 7 / 10 / 10

Try to catch up with this one

Quite a good spaghetti western. Interesting performances by all concerned together with some fine photography and direction. The theme song is worth a mention as well - very haunting. Fans of the genre should try to catch up with this one.

Reviewed by marc-366 7 / 10 / 10

Italian Made Old Style Western - Worth a Fair Few Dollars

Confederate soldier Gary O'Hara (Guiliano Gemma) and his brother Phil are released from a prisoner of war camp following the end of the civil war, the barrels of their guns removed by their captors. Gary returns home to his wife Judy (Evelyn Stewart) whilst Phil is not ready to live such a quiet life and heads off west. Gary soon decides to follow his brother to the town of Yellowstone, and to find work to support his family. On arrival, his combat prowess is soon put to practice, which brings him to the attention of local banker McCory (Pierre Cressoy). McCory offers him a ranch and money if he can kill local outlaw Blacky, which he agrees to do. Gary is taken to the local saloon and advised that Blacky is the man at the bar with his back to him. On confrontation, Blacky turns around, firing his gun - and revealing himself to be Phil O'Hara. McCory and his men open fire, leaving both brothers dead. By a stroke of good fortune, Gary survives the ambush, his life saved by the single silver dollar in his pocket. He sets out to discover why McCory wanted Blacky dead, and to aid the local villagers that are suffering at the hands of a group of marauding bandits. Meanwhile, Judy O'Hara travels to Yellowstone in search of her husband, and soon finds herself in the unwelcome company of McCory. As with Gemma's role in his two Ringo films, the character of Gary O'Hara would sit quite comfortably in an American made western. This is no bad thing, and he does always make for a likable hero. The same point could be levelled at the film in general - it is a likable flick, with a true old American western feel. That said, Ferrio's enjoyable whistled score clearly sits within the euro-western genre, and it does share a level of violence with its fellow Italian movies. The story itself has a few clichés (for one thing, a fair few screen characters have been saved over the years by an inanimate object conveniently placed on their person) but does that really matter? Clearly not. And there are some great scenes, particularly both the opening (great gun-play as the brothers are released) and final sequence. From a personal perspective, I was also intrigued to note a great visual likeness between Evelyn Stewart and my own girlfriend!!! Not that that should be of any real relevance to this write up. In summary, this is one of those nice easy to watch movies (legs up on the sofa, with a wine or beer for company), and certainly worth a few silver dollars of anyones money.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10 / 10

Thrilling and decent Spaghetti Western about an ex Confederate captain who seeks vengeance against heinous killers

1865 , American Civil War is finished , Giuliano Gemma plays a confederate soldier named Gary O'Hara (as Montgomery Wood or Giuliano Gemma) who returns from the war to fight one at home and to meet his wife Judy (as Evelyn Stewart or Ida Galli) again . Gary returns home but a bit later on he sets out to seek fame and fortune . O'Hara arrives in a little town called Yellowstone to work , being hired by the mean landowner McCoy (Pierre Cressoy or Peter Cross) . However , McCoy prepares him a dark set-up . Gary agrees to ambush and kill Black Jack (Nazzareno Zamperla) but things go wrong and he finds out a big surprise . With vengeance in his heart he turns on his employers , who then shoot him , but he is saved by a coin : "One Silver Dollar" . Soon after , he attempts to prove their guilt and to chase the despot McCoy , but Gary is forced to flee . This is a good S.W. plenty of action , shootouts , thrills and abounds fist-play . Action-filled Spaghetti , littered with killings , street shootouts , revenge , romance , cross and doublé-crosses . Maccaroni Western starred by habitual actors , such as Giuliano Gemma , Pierre Cressoy as an ominous tyrant and his hoodlums played by regulars Benito Stefanelli , Massimo Righi , Nello Pazzafini , Andrea Scotti , Franco Fantasia , Sal Borghese , among others . It stars Giuliano Gemma as Gary who is relentlessly pursued by henchmen but he gets rid of his contenders one by one and tries to execute his vendetta . Moving Spaghetti Western is filled with unstopped action , thrills , horse riding , brawls and crossfire . This is a nice Spaghetti titled ¨Un Dollaro Bucato" or "One Silver Dollar" or "Blood for a Silver Dollar" or "Un Dolar Marcado , well starred by Giuliano Gemma , a hero wrongly shot who escapes to seek revenge on the men who betrayed him . This Western is a superior outing because displaying emotion , shoot'em up , brawls , intrigue , riding pursuits , grisly killings and many other things . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some shots or stunts every few minutes . The picture is a tale of justice and revenge with an interesting plot , as a drifter/Gemma is contracted by a nasty , powerful owner and unbeknownst to him , his brother has become the infamous gunslinger "Black Jack" to defeat the local bullies and only to discover too late who the outlaw really is . Later on , he carries out a hard mission and to find out a twisted intrigue to overthrow the hateful tyrant . Along the way he is detained , beaten , tortured and later on , he flees and seeks vendetta . The basic plot is typical spaghetti western fare , but what makes this movie stand out is its style . Giuliano steals the show as a merciless revenger , executing thespian skills , bounds and leaps , twists and shooting and throughly enjoys himself . Recently deceased Giuliano Gemma is very fine in his ordinary role as a gunfighter who seeks vengeance against his eternal enemy and their hoodlums . Giuliano Gemma , - along with Anthony Steffen and Gianni Garco - , resulted to be one of the greatest stars of the Spaghetti genre , but also played several Peplum and thrillers . Gemma in his beginning worked as a stunt-man , practiced many sports in his life, boxing , gymnastics, such as is well proved at the movie . Then the director, Duccio Tessari, gave him the first role as protagonist in the film " The Titani" and the first spaghetti western films where he often worked under the name of Montgomery Wood , playing Western as ¨A pistol for Ringo¨, ¨The return of Ringo¨ and others as ¨Adios Gringo¨, ¨Arizona Colt¨, ¨The price of power¨ , ¨Day of anger¨ and later ¨California¨. However, his first big opportunity came with the important Italian director, Luchino Visconti in ¨El Gatopardo¨ this was followed by important roles in "Angelica" , ¨Tenebre¨ , ¨Young Lions¨ and ¨The master touch¨. Then he played his most significant roles in ¨Il Deserto Dei Tartari¨ and ¨Il Prefetto Di Ferro¨ . Furthermore , in this movie "One Silver Dollar" appears usual Western support actors , the Italian players : the veteran Giuseppe Addobbati or John McDouglas , Nello Pazzafini , Benito Stefanelli , Franco Fantasia , Massimo Righi , Andrea Scotti , Nazzareno Zamperla , Fortunato Arena , Ignazio Spalla or Pedro Sánchez and the sympathetic secondary Salvatore Borghese who is regular in Terence Hill-Spencer films . The musician Gianni Ferrio composes an attractive Spaghetti soundtrack , well conducted and including a splendid leitmotif ; it's full of enjoyable sounds and emotive score , including catching songs . Atmospheric as well as evocative cinematography by Antonio ¨Tony¨ Secchi who also photographed other Westerns , such as : ¨Bullet for the General¨, ¨Wanted¨ and "The Hills Run Red" ; being shot on exterior location in Lazio Rome , Italy . In addition , filmed in studios : Elios studios , Cinecittà Studios , Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy . The flick was professionally directed by Giorgo Ferroni , an expert on Peplum . As he directed ¨The war of Troy¨ with Steve Reeves ,¨Hercules against Molock¨ and ¨Il Colosso Di Roma¨ with Gordon Scott . He also directed Western as "Fort Yuma Gold" , ¨Wanted¨ , "Blood for a Silver Dollar" , Wartime as ¨Battle of El Alamein¨ and Terror in acceptable results as ¨ Mill of the stone woman¨ and "Night of the Devils" .

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