Blood in the Water


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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November 3, 2019



Alex Russell as Percy
David S. Lee as Hector Cortez
Miguel Gomez as Freedgood
Willa Holland as Veronica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xhidden99 3 / 10 / 10


How can I put this? It's terrible. Almost halfway through and NOTHING has happened. NOTHING. Look we all know where this is going. Guy and girl get an unplanned visit from an 'old friend'. He's sketchy. We get it he's vaguely Hispanic and talks black. He's sketchy. We know there's going to be a love triangle we know the two guys have a past that's going to come back to haunt one of them. We know the girl is going to get sexually involved with the sketchy guy. We know there's going to be some criminal activity with even sketchier dudes. We know the girl is going to get or almost gets raped by the even sketchier dudes. We know there's going to be a fight slash gun battle slash drowning between the first guy and the sketchy guy. We know sketchy guy is on a revenge trip. We know the cop who shows up at the beginning in a brilliant white linen suit isn't a cop. We know the guy and the girl are too dumb to know that. We know no one will ask how the sketchy guy even knew they were living there. We know that with Airbnb no one would rent out their top 5 most amazing homes in all of LA for $150,000 a week for the whole summer because their step daughter and her do nothing boyfriend should use it for free for their summer vacation in their mid 20s. And that's what we know will happen. Problem is nothing happens. SLOW burn is not a synonym. It's a style. It's a tease where you spin out a shaggy dog story in a TV series so that you can stretch 3 episodes into 13. In a movie its just wasted time and film. I can't tell you how many movies now are "the first 75 minutes are terrible but the the last 15 are good. Just make those 15 and skip the rest. Just because you call your little movie a neo noir something or other doesn't mean you can get away with awful cheesy dialog terrible direction a boilerplate script cookie cutter characters and bad acting. And why is almost every actor South African? Do they come as a package deal with the house?

Reviewed by ss124-661-382111 8 / 10 / 10

you can't spoil this film

First of all the main character in this which is trying to be film noir is the home. The view of the city of Los Angeles is spectacular. IMHO I could not believe these two ever went to the same college. Freegood just doesn't seem like a guy who would ever sit in a classroom. Freegood, what kind of name is that. He's obviously Hispanic. Football scholarship? Give me a break. Most love the plot twist. What plot twist? Most say it's unpredictable. This waste of 90 minutes was totally predictable. If you're on Netflix you're much better off watching "Midsomer Murders".

Reviewed by walnut-87661 8 / 10 / 10

Film noir with an amazing twist

It's a super clean story line, that takes you on a intense building plot with an unexpected twist that won't let you down. Great build to final reveal. Not a big production type movie but shot beautifully. All the actors had great chemistry and were totally believable, but Miguel Gomez intensity really stands out. They all have a great future ahead of them. If you enjoy small budget action films that rely on actors over special effects this is the movie for you. The story pacing reminds me of Sunset Blvd as you try to untangle the potential motives animating each character. Not all is what it appears to be with every twist and turn. It clocks in at a short 1.5 hours so it's an easy and enjoyable investment to make for a very entertaining film.

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