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Reviewed by Maciste_Brother 7 / 10 / 10

Crown International's crowning achievement?

Whenever I think of legendary grade z studio Crown International, the first movie that pops in my head is BLOOD MANIA. I love Crown International's movies. There something about movies from that "studio" that I just can't help but love or appreciate. And BLOOD MANIA is probably its crowning (pun intended) achievement. Sleazy, cheap, obscure, with dream-like pacing and direction, BLOOD MANIA is almost one of kind in its wonky way of telling a story about sex, greed and murder. BLOOD MANIA is a soap opera but with a sleazy and lurid twist. BM is low key from beginning to end and never goes overboard with the sex, gore or violence, which is why maybe some don't like it. It's lurid enough to turn off the casual viewers but it's not lurid enough for fans of exploitation or gory enough for gorehounds. But I like this approach. The way I see it, the makers of this movie were probably inspired by the soap operas made in those days (EDGE OF NIGHT, for example) but wanted the film to be a notch higher on the sex and violent factors (but it's not high enough to what we've become accustomed to these days on TV or films). The film spends a bit too much time on the plain looking nurse, mainly because her character doesn't go anywhere, but I like the mostly good looking cast. The scene where the blackmailer talks endlessly to the nurse is one weird moment captured on film. The way he talks and the dialogue he says, and they way the scene is shot, is oddly fascinating. And the ending is effective, even if it might be a little too late for most viewers. I like BLOOD MANIA. I'll always look at it as one of Crown International's "best" films. PS, make sure to check out POINT OF TERROR, another trash classic from Crown International Pictures and Peter Carpenter.

Reviewed by lonchaney20 8 / 10 / 10

Seventies trash served just the way I like it!

This is the kind of trash I love discovering in these public domain sets. I've found more than a few stinkers in my short time on this earth, but gems like Blood Mania make it all worthwhile. While not quite up to the level of such finds as Deep Red and House by the Cemetery (which led me to explore the amazing careers of their respective directors), this is still the sort of delightfully oddball Seventies hokum that amuses me to no end. Like Trip With The Teacher (which also comes in the Gorehouse Greats set from Mill Creek), this is pretty light on horror, being more of a nasty soap opera than anything else. I actually found this to be the far better of the two, perhaps because stuff actually happened before the climactic third act. Teacher was pretty much an hour of nothing followed by 30 minutes of Last House on the Left style shenanigans, whereas for the first 80 minutes or so of this film we get a peek into the screwed up affairs of a dysfunctional group of people: Victoria, a borderline sociopath; her decrepit father; Dr. Craig Cooper, the object of her lust; and her sister Gail, among others. I know, pretty standard stuff, but it's all in the execution! As if to drive the sleaze factor home, at least 80% of the female cast prance around in the nude at some point. The film is also filled with delightfully clever (read: stupid) lines that I'm sure I'll be applying to everyday conversation. My favorite exchange: Old lady: I don't buy it, doctor! Cooper: I didn't know I was selling anything It's mainly the offbeat atmosphere that makes this such an enjoyable film to watch, because there's nothing quite like these 70s low-budget films. They had a unique milieu that today's DTV movies just can't compete with. And the wait is certainly worth it, if only for the borderline insanity of the ending. I won't spoil it, but I'll say it doesn't make a lick of sense.

Reviewed by catfish-er 8 / 10 / 10

A sordid melodrama -- I like that!

I watched BLOOD MANIA as part of BCI Eclipse' Drive-in Cult Classics (featuring Crown International Pictures releases) on DVD. As I work my way through the multiple DVD sets, I am growing to love many of Crown International's movies -- especially, the creepy, erotic, psychological thrillers! There is something about BLOOD MANIA… it is a soap opera. Moreover, when you view it through that lens, you can really appreciate the slow pace, the subdued performances, and, the hints at sex and violence that are never fully realized on screen – not by today's standards. This is well filmed; and, very colorful. The setting is extraordinary. It is eerie, claustrophobic and a bit skewed in many of the manor house scenes, which underscores the fact that these characters are prisoners of their own flawed personalities. The jarring, discordant music lends a certain quality to the film that heightens the suspense and anticipation. Especially, of note (***spoiler alert***) at about an hour and five minutes into the movie, when the AWFUL TRUTH of the father and younger daughter's relationship is revealed. The reveal is only a few seconds long; and, is amplified by the music and quick cutting. No wonder he left her all the money! This scene is actually an echo of the opening sequence, which I am sure does not register until you view this movie a second time. When we first meet the father/doctor, we think it is only a dream. What a fantastic twist! Everyone focuses on the older daughter; and, her scheming and the abortionist doctor/boyfriend, the blackmailer, Cheryl (the doctor's girlfriend – what happened to her); and, the nurse. However, those are all back-story, by comparison to the "hold" daddy had on his two girls! That is the real reason for the murder – jealousy. The feelings of which, are intensified when Victoria, the older sister, learns the doctor refused the generosity of Gail, the younger sister, after seducing her. However, he had previously schemed to get Victoria's money, after submitting to her advances! Victoria just wants to be loved… Yes, this is a sordid melodrama. I like BLOOD MANIA.

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