Blood River


Horror / Thriller / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert_duder 3 / 10 / 10

Blood River is bloody awful...they try to take it seriously but it bores!

No one loves dark horror slasher flicks better than me especially if it follows a certain formula and to me Blood River had all the makings of that great horror genre. Isolation, ghost town, mysterious stranger, stranded in the desert, a distinct western feel how could it go wrong? Well it can go wrong by just being boring. Gore is at a bare minimum and while the dark stranger and isolation would seem to be an easy setting for some nice intensity and thriller like qualities but instead the film crawls at a snails pace and you just want it to be over, a true disappointment. Ian Duncan and Tess Panzer play the young married couple who find themselves in a terrible accident in the desert. Ian Duncan looks crazed and insane right from square one. I think he looks the scariest of everyone and if overacting was an award he could take it home easily. Tess Panzer is great eye candy and she does the scream queen thing decently but it is just absurd how quickly and easily she trusts the strange cowboy. Ian Duncan plays the strange cowboy and psycho. In a better written and directed and created film he and his character might have been solid because he has enough experience as an actor but then they all do but this drivel of a story doesn't help. I think the biggest issue with Blood River is the pacing of the story. It just seems to go on and on and doesn't have enough twists and turns to keep you riveted to the story. The cast has very very little chemistry with each other whether its the husband and wife or either of them to killer you just don't sense any chemistry. Director Adam Mason apparently loves straight to video horror flicks having directed a handful of other ones which I have not seen and I hope for his sake he gets a better script to work with. I read a lot of reviews both on IMDb and independently and some of them were reasonably good calling this a creepy western, and well thought out and a stimulating thriller and I just didn't see it. This one for me was a dud in every sense of the word. 3/10

Reviewed by DiscoViolento 4 / 10 / 10


A couple driving through the desert crashes their car due to a blowout and are left stranded. They decide to head for a nearby town called Blood Creek to search for help and meet a mysterious stranger who calls himself Joseph. The film is directed by Adam Mason, a man whose greatest skill is creating great looking films for very little money, and the film does indeed look great. Unfortunately, it lacks the creative touch that was very apparent in his previous work The Devil's Chair (which I gave a very high score). Indeed, the film feels uninspired and watching it is a bit like going through the motions. This is a shame, because there is a glimpse of something great hiding within the religious angle that the film takes. I wish that this had been explored in more depth, but instead this is covered by clichés that border on parody. By far, the worst part of Blood Creek is the characterization of the two leads; the man is aggressive and loud, the woman is passive and dripping with tears. This is the case from the get-go and only gets worse as the film goes on. I assume that this is somewhat intentional, but it crosses the line between believable human flaws and annoying caricature. The best part is the performance of Andrew Howard as the mysterious traveler Joseph. While he does have the best material to work with, it is pretty clear that he is the one with the acting chops and he pretty much carries the film single-handedly. Despite the good craftsmanship (cinematography and sound is great), I would recommend watching something else. While Blood Creek is not offensively bad, it presents a handful of moments of annoyance and leaves no lasting impression.

Reviewed by mcdharma 4 / 10 / 10

It's OK

I was definitely let down by this film. This is partly my fault for having high expectations due to someone else's post. The acting is decent enough to carry the film but I was longing for it to end. Was too unbelievable and predictable. The overall plot is a good premise but failed to execute. I was left watching the credits wondering why I watched this movie in its entirety. My only explanation is that I was hoping for some salvation at the end and my prayers were not answered. I know everyone is a critic so if your like me, take the time to watch it but you will have been warned. Others here hype this into more than it is. Makes me wonder what there favorite horror movie is. This is another good B attempt at a good premise.

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