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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ravenskald 6 / 10 / 10

Low budget vampire flick delivers some new fun things!

Something I really liked about this film was that they came up with some fresh and original ideas in the midst of a small-time vampire flick. Ever wondered what happens if a vampire turns into a flick of critters, and a few of the critters get killed? Ever thought about using a rosary to deliver a knuckle-duster to a fanged-face? In addition to decent acting and some complex characters, the original twists made this a very enjoyable escape...

Reviewed by grys-23347 2 / 10 / 10

So bad, so silly - but not so silly that it was even a single viewing

Oh poor Ice T, how the mighty have fallen. The overall story had some merit & the setting of vampires "running" blood out of a small town, that finally drives them out (sort of) was intriguing enough to warrant a watch. But I was wrong. The dialog = atrocious. Acting = worse. Action scenes were beyond silly. Attention to details (see goofs) was awful. Ice T was still a presence - but why was he in this?

Reviewed by ptf_rp 2 / 10 / 10

I don't get why this is rated so well.

This movie really isn't very good. At all. Acting is terrible, dialogue really bad. I LIKE low-budget, cheesy vampire flicks, and this was just. Bad. All around. Hey it other people liked it, more power to them, but I almost gave up watching it a couple times. I don't get why the rating is so high, I've watched 4 star flicks I've enjoyed much, much more.

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