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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zer_fear 5 / 10 / 10

Rajini Owned!

Saw this movie when i was about 8, at the time it felt like a Grade A movie but refreshing my memory now it's a C Class movie at it's best!.. although RAJINI was amazing in it the movie had a childish treasure hunt story line able to be thought up at a coffee break. Even at that time coping with the horrible acting of the "Americans"(namely Brett Stimely and Anna Nicholas the main cast) Rajini still stood out and gave the movie a comical twist despite his co-stars in bloodstone. overall the story, the acting( except Rajini(I'm a fan thus there's a possible bias)), casting was just horrible. Would recommend for a Rajini fan but not for a movie fan.

Reviewed by Zorin-2 10 / 10 / 10

A forgotten "gem"

Sorry for the pun, but its true that Bloodstone is one of those forgotten films of the 80's. Most people who saw it in the theater then have forgotten they did and the movie disappeared from theaters never to be heard from again, that is until now. I, for one, was one of the people that forgot about this film. For years my memory of the film layed dormat, then one day I saw it on the shelf at one of our local DVD store. I was totally surprised to see it, so I picked it up. This DVD release by Image/Omega Entertainent is a beautiful release. Widescreen, digitally remastered, with plenty of special features. I was impressed. As for the movie, it brought back great memories. The story is your average adventure affair, much like Indiana Jones, Romancing The Stone, & Firewalker, but it does have many comical moments. The best part of the film is the police chief that speaks with a funny back of the throat voice. I found myself mimicking this voice for days after I saw the movie. The film was a pleasure with its adventure, off-the-wall humor, and exotic locations. If you like adventure films, give this lost gem a try, you shouldn't be disappointed. And for those of you who saw the movie, and can't remember...refresh your memory.

Reviewed by sethn172 10 / 10 / 10

Bollywood's best!!!!!

Oh, yes. We all know about Hollywood (Hey, does any movie come from Hollywood anymore?), right? Well, are you familiar with "Bollywood," which is like Hollywood, but in India? Many people are familiar with Bollywood, which brings me here today to talk about "Bloodstone." It's an exciting, ride-of-your-life horror-action-adventure-thriller movie that just completely blows all those other Indian (or in this case, Eastern) movies out of the park into the dust. Just hearing about this movie makes me want to watch Indian films more often! "Bloodstone" is one foreign film that must not be missed, especially if you are an Indian movie buff. I liked this movie from finish!

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