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Judith Scott as Dr. Diane Carol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeff-33085 9 / 10 / 10

A fantastic story

Passionate and shocking, Blue really struck a chord with me. I really hope this film is spread far and wide, as it does have a great message about the stresses that can lead someone to suicide.

Reviewed by jdkraus / 10

A picture that demands our surrender to its' acting, writing, filmmaking and above all its' exploration of an issue that the media and society glaringly overlooks

Blue. A color? A mood? A person's name? The film does not address the title. It is about a Helen (Callie Shuttera), a young woman who has no luck. She loses her job, her ailing grandmother dies, and she faces insurmountable debt. Helen tries to take the easy route via suicide. At first, it seems fate has a cruel sense of humor, allowing her to survive with no family and a mountain high bill pile. As Helen continues her journey, she meets a small group of people who cheer her on toward success: a wealthy but pleasant business named Robert (Shaw Jones), a chirpy nurse (Laura Nicole Harrison), and a cold doctor (Judith Scott). The question we wonder through the film is whether Helen will persevere or relapse. A particularly poignant scene depicts a group therapy session where real live attempted suicide victims share their stories. These moments are gut-wrenching, but also cathartic and a little bit refreshing. They are real, captured with a cinema verite quality. The harsh reality is enough to move any sensible person. While the themes of suicide and self-injury are prominent factors in "Blue," the film does not fall into the traps of predictable plot devices or clichés (although there is a point in the story that feels rushed). Nor does this movie come off as being overly pretentious. Rather the movie's central focus is on Helen and her relationships with meeting new people. There are several well-written scenes between Helen and Robert, which evoke both subtle brilliance and clever wittiness. Not to spoil too much, but my personal favorite is a moment where the two main characters visit a laser tag, have fun, and then share a joint afterwards. I mean, who hasn't done this? As a character-driven film, "Blue" relies heavily on the cast's performances. There are no weaknesses here. Callie Shuttera brings a burning passion to the lead character, delivering a strong and heartfelt performance. Shaw Jones offers a gentler performance as the quirky Robert, which works very well for his character. The other performers are superb in their respective roles. Chelsea Lopez as "Crazy" Ruby is a real screen stealer. For an independent movie, "Blue" looks like a million-dollar picture. The cinematography is beautiful and stunning. The sets are clean and polished. And the editing is crisp and seamless. The score is minimalistic, primarily solo piano with light percussion. However, the Zimmer factor is a bit heavy in one key scene. This is a movie that proves what a group of talented filmmakers can make with a shoe-string budget. Most great movies are about people trying to resolve an issue. "Blue" is one of those films. This is a picture that demands our surrender to its acting, writing, filmmaking and above all its' exploration of an issue that the media and society glaringly overlooks.

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