Blue Crush


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Matthew Davis as Matt Tollman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kmskeels 8 / 10 / 10

Its a surfing movie... Not Shakespear.

I don't understandn the reviews people are giving that sound like they expected so much more from this movie. Pretention, I'm guessing. The cast was great. Plenty of laughs. Stunning shots in and out of the water and a happy ending. It certainly isn't the most profound movie, but I'm pretty sure they werent going for that anyways. I like it for a feel good movie. I've watched at least ten times and I still enjoy it for what it is. If i want a riveting storyline I'll watch something other than a surfing movie, duh.

Reviewed by uberbrodie 7 / 10 / 10

a complete surprise

i went to see this movie solely because i thought it would be horrible. It looked so cornballish that i couldn't help but go if only to mock it from my seat the whole way through. I was thus quite shocked to find myself actually enjoying the film! From the direction, to the action, the camera work and especially the surfing shots, it was just amazing. Seeing the waves crashing fifteen feet tall, it is definitely worth seeing in theaters to get the full effect. Another shock came in the form of teh script, and the acting. While they had their holes, it was amazing how real the movie felt. They weren't actors, they were real people. From the very beginning, it starts. Other reviews have claimed that these characters were all standard hollywood barbies, but this is far from the truth. While it Anne Marie is quite attractive she is far from movie star beautiful, there is this natural and real quality to her that, if anything, makes her all the more endearing. i could drivel on, but the point is, this movie just makes you feel good. it takes you along on this enjoyable ride, and leaves you with a positive attitude and an insatiable desire to move to hawaii, rent a shack and spend your days surfing. It was cute, but there's also a lot of substance there. definitely worth seeing.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10 / 10

More than what's on the surface

Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) is a local surfer girl with best friends Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake) aiming to surf the Pipe in competition. Her little sister Penny (Mika Boorem) is getting more rebellious especially when their mother leaves town. She struggles against testosterone driven surf culture, and her disgusting job as a hotel maid. However the arrival of pro football quarterback Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis) may distract her away from her goal. On the surface, this movie has beautiful babes in beautiful exotic locales. Beneath the surface, there is a compelling underdog story. It has emotions. She has to overcome her fears. Kate Bosworth is good as a girl unsure of herself. Rodriguez is the girl with attitude to spare. It's more than a simple exploitation film.

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