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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chase_Witherspoon 4 / 10 / 10

The pursuit of happiness via porn

French-Canadian man (Patrick) does his best to secure his young family the freedom and future they crave aboard the boat he's lovingly restoring, on an income derived from his work as an adult film-maker. But the pressures of the business and political crackdowns take their toll forcing his wife (Caron) to leave their rented pad while Patrick frantically attempts to get his last few movies in the can to finance their dream and rid the family of their ignominious past. Patrick stars and directs this low-key drama in which his central character goes from porn-artist to money-hungry assembly line producer, turning would-be starlets into harlots to feed his freedom frenzy. Caron as his pot-smoking former actress wife protests a lot, but never seems to have the conviction to make a lasting stand against his chosen "profession", manacled by the material trappings and constant promise of a better life aboard the grand ship freedom, where they plan to sail the seven seas, trading coconuts and trinkets, smoking dope, drinking wine and living the dream. Jeff Gall is suitably sleazy as Patrick's partner and enthusiastic co-producer, while Gary Kent is a familiar face and voice in a small role as a vice detective. Some humour (the quirky auditions should make you chuckle), lots of bare flesh and simulated sex (as you'd expect) and a manuscript full of dumb dialogue ("you can't come to work when you've got your period") the film never really hits the high notes, remaining low-key and melodramatic, like a balloon fizzling to its limp conclusion, which is especially disappointing, leaving little resolved. Looks a little experimental and obviously dabbles in a taboo subject particularly in its era and political context, might be worth a look if you can appreciate B-grade trash cinema.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 4 / 10 / 10

The trials and tribulations of a couple in the adult film industry in the early 1970's

Jim and Lisa's marriage goes on the rocks as Jim's involvement in the adult film industry with its available women, questionable financing and the government disdain, take a heavy toll on the couple. Filmed so that part of the film looks like a government surveillance film this is an odd duck film. Coming out at about the time that Deep Throat was smashing barriers and the sexual revolution being in full swing this is a film that kind of wants to have it both ways. It very much wants to show the people who make adult films as people (it was made by people with connections to the industry) but at the same time it wants to be an exploitation film by taking the point of those seeking to ban the films. Its like a slightly more honest version of the old road show films that promised to warn you of the dangers of certain vices by wallowing in them for 90 minutes. In a weird way the film almost works, but in the end the film kind of collapses in on itself partly because the film has been lost in time, society has moved on and the film now seems the wrong sort of quaint. Mostly the film doesn't work because the performances are all over the place so the film never gets into any sort of groove. Often one scene will fall apart because of one poor performance. I can't really recommend the film since it didn't really work. But for those who are interested in the history of society's attitude toward sex and adult films this is an interesting curio.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 4 / 10 / 10

Despite the promising topic, this isn't too interesting

Blue Money was made during the golden age of porn in the 70's when feature length hardcore films were made with story lines and some production values to them. This was the era when these kinds of films were made on film and shown by necessity in cinemas. It all seems so very odd nowadays but seemingly that was the way it was back then. Blue Money is one of the exploitation films that tapped into this territory and set a drama around the sex industry. It's about a man who tries to secure the future of his family by making adult movies. Meanwhile the feds hover in the background secretly filming the film-maker to bring him down on obscenity charges. This was one of the many b-movies put out by Crown International Pictures. Their output was notable for featuring plenty of nudity to draw in the crowds but surprisingly Blue Money is not especially salacious stuff given its subject matter and distributer. In fact it seems to be trying to be a serious drama first and foremost. This isn't precisely a bad idea but it ultimately fails on account of the poor characterisations and an overly underplayed storyline. Probably the biggest single issue though was the thoroughly under-par performance of the lead actor Alain Patrick who also directed, wrote and produced this as well! Fair play for trying to do everything but he is a terrible actor. At the end of the day, this is a movie that promises quite a lot given its interesting subject matter but it's sadly a pretty tedious affair for the most part.

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