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Gwynyth Walsh as Dr. Rachel Carson
Joe Flaherty as George Baker
John Vernon as Roger Levering
Sarah Polley as Ellen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zanatos 8 / 10 / 10

A Film to Have Fun With

As I was watching "Blue Monkey," I realized that, although the budget was small, I was still having a good time! Low budget movies that can do that are the best ones. It is about a small hospital that gets itself some big trouble. A patient who has contracted a serious case of gangrene is brought in and, unknown to the staff, the gangrene is thanks to a strange insect that used the patient to deposit eggs in. When they do find out about it, they catch it and call in an insect specialist, but, before he can arrive, the larva is accidentally mutated to an enormous size and changes into a giant insect that looks like a preying mantis. It runs loose in the hospital, killing people for it to use as hosts for its eggs, and only three brave people---a cop, a doctor, the insect specialist---are willing to stop it. This movie is just fun to watch (especially Don Lake as the specialist, who steals ever scene he is in). A must for fans of movies like "The Thing." Zanatos's score: 8 out of 10. Check it out!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10 / 10

Monkey's paw.

I remember having seen "Blue Monkey" on Polish VHS under the title "Insect" many years ago.The plot of this Canadian creature feature is fairly simple:a giant insect is running amok in a popular hospital.A worm like bacteria is spreading the disease on the patients.Once a group of kids mistakenly sprinkle a jar of growth stimulant onto the creature it eventually turns into a giant insect.The hospital is quickly quarantined by the government and the army.Cheesy monster flick with cult actor Steve Railsback of "Turkey Shoot" as the main hero.Unfortunately the amount of gore and violence is very low.If you like William Fruet's movies for example "Death Weekend" or "Trappped" give "Blue Monkey" a look.7 monkeys out of 10.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

Good, goofy, retro 50's style giant killer insect fun

This wonderfully silly late 80's gigantic lethal bug on the loose creature feature manages to be good, brisk, dopey fun if one catches it in a properly childish state of mind. The crazy plot, cooked up with lotsa choice tried'n'true fright flick clichés by hack screenwriter George Goldsmith (the guy to blame for stretching "Children of the Corn"'s laboriously drawn-out plot to a clunky 90 minute length), has a giant, deadly, mutated insect stalking and killing people in a hospital, a plague caused by the bug infecting several patients so the building has to be quarantined (leading to your standard beat-the-clock tension and, better still, providing as good an excuse as any to keep folks trapped in the hospital so the bug can off 'em), likable take-charge macho cop Steve Railsback standing up to the slimy sucker, and SCTV veterans Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke supplying hilariously tasteless low-brow comic relief as a histrionic doofus and his equally hysterical pregnant wife, respectively. Helping out the stalwart Railsback are gutsy doctor Gwynth Walsh and nerdy bespectacled entomologist Don Lake, while Susan Anspach as another brave physician looks concerned on the sidelines and crusty hospital administrator John Vernon sourly grumbles his disapproval of the whole nutty mess throughout. Future star watchers will want to keep their eyes peeled for a very young and girlish Sarah Polley as a wee tyke the bug tries to snack on (the drooling fiend feeds on calcium, you see); at one point Railsback runs down a hallway carrying Polley in his arms while the bug chases after them! Yeah, as one could surmise from the above synopsis this is a seriously goofy and ridiculous affair, but the spirited direction by seasoned Canadian horror pic helmer William Fruet (his other credits include the savagely effective "The Last House on the Left" cash-in copy "Death Weekend," the spooky "Funeral Home," and the laughably lousy giant killer snake stinker "Spasms"), the surprisingly sound and straight performances from the admirably earnest cast (save Duke and Flaherty, who both mug it up gleefully with often sidesplitting results), the fiercely energetic and unflagging narrative momentum, a genuinely cool creature, a reasonable amount of gooey gore, and the inspired blending of 80's type gunky splatter with an endearingly hokey 50's style over-sized mankind-noshing killer bug premise make this thoroughly inane nonsense quite entertaining just the same.

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