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Bill Moseley as Darryl
John Jarratt as Lang Hancock
Nathan Jones as Hercules O'Brien
Steve Bisley as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doorsscorpywag 1 / 10 / 10

A truly abysmal creature feature where nothing of interest really happens with special effects Blue Peter would be ashamed of. How this boar gets around without someone noticing is amusing to say the least. It's actually a Boar-ninja as it just appears out of nowhere and kills people then disappears into the bush. It also has the ability to grow in size for close ups and then return to normal for longer shots. The acting is terrible and the story nonsensical. The characters are so dull I was rooting for the Ninja Boar. It seemed to be veering towards comedy as it certainly was not horror or even a thriller. Two points I will make about how stupid this film is. SPOILERS..... 1 At no point does anyone use their mobile phones to get help. In a day and age where people can't be separated from mobiles for more than 60 seconds even kids seem to forget they have them when faced with a very unrealistic large pig with blood and gore on its snout. 2 Big spoiler here so be warned. After having his guts torn out Bernie....don't call him Bern... is able to recover for the final scene and act as if it was just a scratch. Laughableless rubbish. The most horrific thing about this pile of sewage is there may be Boar 2.

Reviewed by s3276169 3 / 10 / 10

I know what you ate last Xmas.....

Yes it had to happen. The Xmas ham has finally returned for revenge, Aussie style. This is an utterly ridiculous horror film about the prince of porkers who has a voracious appetite for outback Australians and the occasional American. I know the premise sounds awful on paper but its executed with such tongue in cheek good humour with an overstated ribald, ocker vibe, that it actually works.If you have lived in Australia as I have you will know this is overdone in a big way. The "boar-ish" humour is a yard wide and ten feet deep but it plays well in the general context of this film. As a horror film there is the predictable blood and gore factor but its not gratuitous or sadistic and this film plays better for it. Its more a little on the silly side as are the giant pig special effects. If you want to have a good laugh with your mates over a few beers and chips or maybe some pork rinds, this is one to watch. 7/10 from me.

Reviewed by davegfrancis 3 / 10 / 10

Cheap, nasty and amateur. Should be called Bored.

This 3.4 million dollar production should be ashamed at such a complete waste of money and supposed great Australian talent. Criminally poor acting, a derivative script with a plot so stupid it is painful to endure. Couple that with creature effects and digital effects that make Lake Placid 2 look like a masterpiece. Avoid at all costs is my recommendation.

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