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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tankymctankus 3 / 10 / 10

A lot of wasted potential

I started watching this film really hoping that it would be everything that it claims it is: a stylish revenge tale to rival The Godfather itself. In actual fact, this is not a revenge tale and gets no-where near to The Godfather. A film essentially based around the rise and fall of a Brazilian pimp, it seems to me like it's confused about it's own nature and motivations as well as those of the characters; I was never sure if it was intended as a glorification or a condemnation of the Brazilian sex industry lifestyle. Also, characters seem to disappear without explanation and core aspects of the plot seem to be forgotten within a matter of minutes. There is a lot of potential in the characters and plot of this film, but due to poor scripting and the short runtime (100 minutes is not enough time for a crime epic) and Boca is almost unfinished in this sense, the film is a mess and exploration into motivation, generally turning the pace down a notch and stretching the runtime could have made this a film worth watching. Unfortunately, there are too many basic flaws to make this a decent film in my opinion.

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10 / 10

A decent 'real crime' story from Brazil

This film tells the story of the rise and fall of Hiroito de Morales Joanides as, during the late fifties and early sixties, he gets involved in Sao Paulo's criminal underworld. His activities are centred on the once notorious Boca do Lixo area where he is involved in prostitution and drugs. He is quick to shoot those who cross him. Inevitably it is only a matter of time before the police, a rival criminal or his growing drug habit end his reign as the 'King of Boca'. It is rare that I feel a film needs to be longer but in this case I think it could have done with more time. The story is interesting but often feels rushed; we move from one key incident to the next without learning enough about the general background... of course it is possible that many of things I would like to have been told would be known by the average Brazilian viewer who is presumably the main target audience. The film has a good look, the tint gives it a feel of the era and the cast does a fine job making it easy to believe in the characters; most notable of these is Daniel de Oliveira as Hiroito. As I had no idea how the story concluded the tension rose nicely towards the end. Overall I'd say this was a decent film that fans of the genre looking for a different setting might want to check out.

Reviewed by elo-equipamentos 7 / 10 / 10

Low whoredom area!!!

Living in São Paulo since 1978 I've been there a couple times, this place called as "Low whoredom area" was so famous due the prices were so low and the women were allowed for many blocks, now "Boca do Lixo" went to big screen retelling to a man self called "the king of Boca" the true facts about Hiroito Joanides who leave this house after his death's father which he was alleged as the killer, dinied promptly by him, he made a successful career as pimp and drugs seller among others small offences, arrested around 172 times he quickly becames a legend, until try kill his main contender, which was unsuccessful and how he bribed some chief police officers to be released, sent to jail he wrote a book in 1977 about his own story called "Boca do Lixo" whereby this picture is based, this picture has some minor mistakes and so short to cover up this true complex character properly, even so it's a remarkable job and made under the auspices on small details, it deserves a look mainly for brazilians viewers!! Resume: First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: Blu-ray / Rating: 7.25

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