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David Zayas as John the Baptist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nikola17 2 / 10 / 10

just watch Deliver us Evil & Demonic if you want films like this this most painful film i have ever seen

Avoid this piece of crap boring film that nothing happens in film it was more of thriller then horror film, this films made no sense whatever it happened the story is all over place this film had potential in it but threw out film was just boring as film that went to horror to thriller it's almost like directors or writers rushed this film to when they saw Black & Blue they say let's make this like Black & Blue with a horror and thriller genre in it, this was just boring and actors were bland as hell it's less of horror film but if your looking for full time horror theirs nothing like that what did I expect when I watched film? maybe better actress? better writers? better direction of story because in one moment I was expect lead actress to go with on chasing ghosts rather then having a dumb twist you will find out at end why was spirit was their for? I get so tried after watching it the halfway it's boring, and it's too bland as hell story follows on When a routine traffic stop results in the unexplained, grisly death of her colleague, a cop Renee Lomito-Smith (Mary J. Blige) realizes footage of the incident will play for her eyes only. she sees an supernatural that she goes full on case now she has an partner as cop rookie Danny Holledge (Nat Wolff) and (David Zayas) known for Expendables, Dexter, skyline, 13 remake he did fine in film he play's captain in film but threw out film went to horror then turns into a thriller threw out film wasn't scary it lost so much potential it lost track the twist is at end 2 cops were dirty and captain as well because they killed an innocent person caught body cam I am like this could been a thriller film not in a horror film, then spirit saves Renee life so I am like? is spirit was her son? why did it save her life? did spirit know who Renee? doesn't make any jack sense at end of day the film lost so much potential like you will lose interest towards at middle of film slaright away just skip forward film believe me nothing happens at middle of film theirs nothing much to say about this film I like idea of film it's idea like Deliver us Evil and Demonic same concept of main character dealing with paranormal, evil, entity cops is going threw all this evil crap just watch those 2 you will thank me later even Demonic had a shocking twist like you will never experience before then to this film, this film is like you see it coming miles away it ruins twist moments, this could not handle potential it loses it so easily done don't bother watching this film it's completely stupid it's not a found footage film it's more of cinematic then a found footage film if this isn't an found footage film why not find other title rather then body cam. i wish this was found footage film full on horror. 2.10 it's not total worth it pass on this film

Reviewed by gillianronnie 7 / 10 / 10

Yet another unwanted "social commentary on how cops are all supposedly bad" but this time with a cliche horror twist.

It seems like we have One of these anti-cop films almost every few months and I for one am absolutely sick of it. First of all if you're not breaking the law and comply, you don't have a chance to be killed by the police defending themselves upholding the law. Leftist Hollywood seems clearly obsessed with the BLM movement which is an absolute joke in itself and keep pumping out these woke crap films. There are also some very racist undertones and I'm surprised Jordan Peele then direct this film. Aside from it's pathetic attempt at a message on Sociopolitical climate and supposed racism within the police, this film is very hollow with a cliché plot void of substance. there are some interesting moments within the visuals and that's about it. It's a BET channel film so don't expect anything...

Reviewed by clarkishome 7 / 10 / 10


An engaging horror film that is fast paced throughout the entire movie. It's not worthy of an award, but Mary J Blige did a good job in her acting career. An interesting take on an old motive. I wouldn't pay for it at a theater, but it is definitely a good watch at home.

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