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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by creepyhomeboys 1 / 10 / 10

If You Like The Room, You'll Love Body Keepers!

I am a HUGE fan of Tommy Wiseau's so bad it's good masterpiece The Room. Body Keepers is good in much the same way. The gay best friend is so over the top it's hilarious. The b*tchy goth girls are so "I hate everything" that you'll be cringing in your seat. There's long scenes of people getting drunk. The f-bomb is dropped every time a character can't think of a good comeback (which is often). All of the acting is really cheezy except by the extras, a lot of the speaking extras are decent. There's one point where the boyfriend, Tanner, is watching some marine vs. zombie movie and his girlfriend asks him what he's watching. He just stares into space and we cut back to the marine vs zombie show. I guess he didn't even know what he was watching. I couldn't stop laughing at this part. I often hear bad editing thrown around by amateur film critics but have you ever seen a movie where there's a blank screen placed in the middle of changing camera angles? I don't mean like a transition shot, I mean there are like two frames ACTUALLY MISSING between changing angle. The characters argue in class and call each other names and the teacher is just like "yeah, okay." Speaking of the teacher, I thought this guy looked familiar and it turns out he was in a JonBenet Ramsey documentary and a hitman movie I saw a few years ago ALSO made in Colorado. I guess the Colorado film community is pretty small. Anyway, if you want a good laugh, pour yourself a highball, call up your buddies, and strap in for Body Keepers.

Reviewed by robertjberry-55128 1 / 10 / 10

Wow this is dumb

A waste of 2 minutes! Looks like a high school movie project. Wait I've seen high school projects better than this.

Reviewed by moonlight_shadows 1 / 10 / 10

Another over rated film, err, garbage

Well well well, yet another example of what is so bad with US horror movies on a low budget. I could have acted sooooo much better.

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