Boiling Point

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tiger_Mark 10 / 10 / 10

This is an Excellent Movie!

I have seen this movie about ten times. Every time I start to watch it, I finish it. I cannot believe all of the negative reviews. It was intelligent and well acted. Dennis Hopper plays one of his best "sleazes" ever. Viggo Mortenson is great as Hopper's mindless attack dog. The story deals with a Secret Service sting gone bad. One agent is killed and Wesley Snipes (Agent) goes about finding out who did it. What I liked about this movie was that it was smart. The author did some great research and that was reflected in the movie. You see it in the dialog and you see it in the story. Moreover, the acting was first rate, with many talented performers acting at the top of their trade. Ignore the bogus reviews. What I think happened, is that the movie did poorly at the theaters. There is this misconception that failure at the box office is an indication of a bad movie, wrong! Plenty of good movies bomb and plenty of terrible movies do well, some even win the Academy. Good story, good performances and good movie!

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Standard cop thriller with tension, thrills, and violence

The film begins with Red Diamond, an ex-con(Dennis Hooper),recently freed from jail . He along with Ronnie(Viggo Mortensen), his pal from prison, undergo a new business, an operation about money forgery. But the issue go wrong and Ronnie murders an undercover agent. His partner a two-fisted named Jimmy Mercer(Wesley Snipes) together with another policemen(Dan Hedaya) swear discover the killer. Meanwhile, Red Diamond deals with mobster(Tony Lo Bianco) whom he owes some money. The story continues the trail some people after another attempting to get close over tracks of Red and Ronnie and there relationships with girlfriends(Valerie Perrine, Christine Elise) and lovers(Lolita Davidovich). The picture contains action, suspense, several shootouts, bloody killings and lots of violence. It's exciting and tense, at time no too much interesting cop thriller. The story is plenty of firepower, intrigue, action packed and good performances. Wesley Snipes is fine as tough cop and excellent Dennis Hooper as likable delinquent and Viggo Mortensen as cold killer.Magnificent secondary cast with a plethora of known actors, such as Seymour Cassel, Tony Lo Bianco,James Tolkan, Jonathan Banks, Paul Gleason, among others. Atmospheric musical score made by means of synthesizer and fitting to action by John DÁndrea and Cory Lerios. The motion picture is written and directed by James B Harris. He's a notorious producer, he produced Stanley Kubrick's three awesome films(The killing, Paths of glory and Lolita)and occasionally director of thrillers(Cop, Fast walking)and another genres(Bedford incident). Rating : Acceptable and passable. The movie will like to Wesley Snipes fans and thriller buffs.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 6 / 10 / 10

It's Not That Bad

I'm slightly puzzled as to some of the harsher comments featuring BOILING POINT . I will confess that it's not a thriller classic but I will defend it against the accusation that it's a terrible movie Red ( Dennis Hopper ) is released from prison and owes some mafia types money and so is given a seven day ultimatum . Jimmy ( Wesley Snipes - And no early 90s urban thriller is complete without Wesley Snipes )loses a friend in the course of duty and the audience instantly know that these two unconnected characters will tie in with the plot somehow - And they do in a script that while not being the most tightly plotted screenplay you will ever see since there's a few too many characters involved is at least undemanding and easy to follow . On the style front it's not exactly in the same league as HEAT but probably contains more substance than an episode of MAIMI VICE while we also get to see an early supporting role from Viggo Mortenson . I rate BOILING POINT six out of ten

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