Books of Blood


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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October 12, 2020



Anna Friel as Mary
Paige Turco as Nicole
Rafi Gavron as Simon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vampirepenguin09-544-411126 7 / 10 / 10

A decent watch

If you're looking for a constant jumpscares fest, this is not for you. Books of Blood delivers a slow burn anthology with decent acting. Some of the stories are a little drawn out and could've done with some trimming. The pacing is where this movie suffers but it is definitely worth watching.

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10 / 10

its a perverse sensation...

If your in for gory horror, and sneeking ghosts and tales from the dead.. i shall admit that 3% of the playtime, i saw out the window instead of the screen, should tell a bit about the powerbuildup of horror . considering that i'm a grumpy old man that grew up with beta 2000 and betamax and vhs video horror. they have made this story of three interconnected/vowen stories to scare the heck out of me, and with a helpfull hand of well made and effectfull choice of musical score, and an extremely knockout kickbox of sound effects, along with well made visual effects, combined with a valid location setup and production design. the only minus that draws it into a 9 stars are the playlength. so my codeword is ''retrospectiveness'', and if your fainthearted or do have a voulnerable psykie then stay away, if youre curious and want to like the ghostly ridden horror genre its a nice place to start. many reviewers will sack this film due to incoherence in the plot, but its not. so take my advice and have a look.its a recommend

Reviewed by sjarja 4 / 10 / 10

Suspenseful in parts but also annoying

What shines through is that it seems to be "made for TV" .. but not like Game of Thrones or so ... but "made for early evening TV ... in the early 2000s" or sort. It never dares to go all the way. It hints at it .. it shows potential - but it backs off. I actually liked the first story (and conclusion) .. it was kind of powerful. Scenes, images and ideas were well done - and it was a nice, sad tragedy. The other stories however felts like re-tales of older stories. They were not nearly as well done and seemed much, much cheaper - both in creativity and cinematography. For a full length suspense/horror movie, i can only give it a low score though. The stories are not good enough - they are not intertwined cleverly .. and they never exceed a rather low budget TV format.

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