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Kaitlyn Dever as Sharynn Tarrows
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashallj 9 / 10 / 10

Well I liked it

I found this to be funny and smart and don't think it got a great promotion considering the number of reviews comparing it to Superbad. (It's not Superbad because it's 2019, oh and also because it's a different movie) Billie Lourde has some excellent line reading in this. It's bizarre and surreal and that's just the way I like my comedy.

Reviewed by kregmurraymac 6 / 10 / 10

Keyword WANTS to be superbad

The plot was unoriginal, the writing was less than clever, let alone smart, and the film itself was trodden down but it's need to try and be a film that it ultimately was not, it fails to live up to its own expectations it set in its marketing, there are humorous moments through out, but for a comedy they are incredbly sparse through out. Beanie is a talented actress but the film tried so hard that it failed in most respects, for a directorial debut there have been worse films, but ultimately this misses the mark despite having a proper budget, solid cast and connections. Don't be fooled by reviews bashing those who didn't enjoy this film that much, this movie just isn't that entertaining, and it's nowhere near fresh and innovative.

Reviewed by cnorborg 6 / 10 / 10

If this is Superbad for a new generation, I kinda feel sorry for the new generation!

While a funny movie with an interesting premise, I definitely don't think this is of the quality or lasting power of a movie like Superbad, which I find so many comparing it to. The energy was there, I'll give you that, but it felt a bit forced. That's probably because the chemistry didn't translate well onto the screen. And then there was just too much trying to be forced in I think, and taken to extremes. I mean, two smart girls who all of a sudden think they need to go out and party hard because others they considered stupid or unmotivated made it into good colleges, like that's all that matters? Then a lot of little things, like how the first party they end up at is >completely< void of people beyond the two hosts. Then, even though neither girl is rich, they leave gift bags with iPads behind? Heck, I'd be stuffing a bunch from other bags into mine before I took off!! Then the drugs that they unknowingly took so long before all of a sudden kick in at the same time on both of them, and although they're hit hard by them, they wear off at the exact same time just outside the party they were at. And the scenes with the principal and graduation scene, like where the car arrives. A bit too much, who can drive around town like that, bust through a fence and not have anyone say a word? Don't get me wrong, I laughed, found it entertaining, but it's never going to live up to classics like Superbad or American Pie. A fun distraction, but not much more...

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