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Adam Garcia as Sean Odken
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Sam Worthington as Ray Monroe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10 / 10

The tap dance kid is footloose Down Under

Most of the negative comments about this film seem to come from its birth place, Australia. Frankly, "Bootmen" is not a horrible movie by any stretch of the imagination. The film shows some originality in the way the director Dein Perry sets the film in the steel works factory that is about to close and having Sean and his mates practice in another abandoned place that seems to be saying a lot about how industries do away with people that have given their best to make them better. Adam Garcia, playing Sean, is one of the best things in the film. The other asset is Sam Worthington, who plays Mitch, the brother that seems to attract trouble wherever he goes. Also, Sophie Lee, as the brothers' love interest makes an effective contribution to the movie. The dancing numbers reminded us of Stomp, the musical that has been playing here for a long time now, in that unusual ways of tap dancing are practiced on the most unconventional ways, which makes "Bootmen" more likable. The best way to watch the film is to sit back, relax, and let it unfold, as it will win the viewer over with the inspired tap dancing.

Reviewed by ttaskmaster 9 / 10 / 10

One to watch, if you love tap dancing!!

This film was done to promote the Tap Dogs show and dance group, so don't expect complicated or sophisticated plot, cunning twists or even amazing acting. You can pretty much guess what happens, just from watching the trailer. There is nothing, plotwise, that hasn't been done before and the characters are all tried and tested stereotypes. Cinematography is solid and production quality is safe. There is a fair degree of bad language, which seems a touch out of place given that this film will appeal to a lot of young dance students. But none of this detracts from the basic underlying premise of the film... Basically, sit back, shut up and enjoy the fabulous tap dancing - That's what it's about and in that respect, it does NOT disappoint!!

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 9 / 10 / 10

I`m Not Gay But I Loved This

The image that flashes through my mind when I hear the word " Aussies " is of a bunch of butch hard drinkers who enjoy nothing better than waking in a police cell after a drinking session followed by a bar room brawl .... and that`s just the women . According to my mate Dr Sebastian who spends a lot of time down under this is a laughably cliched stereotype and Australians are the nicest friendliest people on Earth . Mind you Seb is a six foot three Scotsman so everyone`s nice to him . You can see what I`m getting at about stereotypes though ? because strangely BOOTMEN does feature the type of Aussies who take a drink and commit crimes and enjoy the sound of knuckle against cheekbone . Even stranger despite the mythical portrayal of Australians in this movie no one really gives the main protagonist Sean a hard time for wanting to become a dancer even though he works at a steel mill . A worker at an Australian steel mill wants to become a dancer and no one accuses him of being " A bloody wooftah " , now that takes some swallowing and I guess that`s why some people dislike BOOTMEN , it is slightly obvious that the story was written around the dance sequences but it could have been far worse , it could have been a plagaristic cross between THE FULL MONTY and BILLY ELLIOT or a camp Baz Luhrmann type production but at least BOOTMEN has an identity all of its own . BOOTMEN is a simple story of people trying to pursue their dreams , it`s funny , romantic , sometimes gritty and foul mouthed , sometimes violent but always entertaining with an absolutely brilliant dance sequence at the end and is by far the greatest Australian film since ROMPER STOMPER. If you`ve ever seen the dance troupe Stomp or these idents on BBC1 featuring the dancers and thought " Hmm that lifts the spirits " then you`ll enjoy this movie . I know I certainly did

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