Born in China



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10 / 10

Gorgeous cinematography undone by sloppy and stupid narration.

"Born in China" is a documentary that follows several Chinese animals over the course of a year. You'll see pandas, snow leopards, monkeys and more during this year and the species are spread throughout the rural portions of the country. I have seen several of the recent Disney nature films and have been, up until now, quite impressed. The cinematography is always amazingly good--much like the "Planet Earth" films narrated by David Attenborough. However, I was not that impressed by "Born in China" because although the film looks great, it's completely undone by innane narration. Why is it so bad? First, much of the time it's completely unnecessary and the footage would be much better if they simply played the music and had no narration. Second, much of it is stupid...ascribing human emotions on animals or trying to make a cute story instead of giving the viewer information about these lovely Chinese animals. It's as if the producers don't trust the viewers to be smart enough to simply enjoy the footage but need a cute story in order to keep their attention! Third, the narration is non-stop and just plain annoying! I truly wish they had a version complete with the lovely music but without a single line of narration! But instead we have a lovely looking film that is vapid and, at times, quite annoying.

Reviewed by conquestdzzztt 1 / 10 / 10

Breathtaking but heartbreaking with no hint as to the two snow kittens future!

It was a beautifully filmed documentary with awe inspiring scenery!! I thoroughly enjoyed it except......... for Dawa and her two beautiful kittens.........Why wasn't she helped after she was injured? Disney could have afforded a veterinarian to help her and her kittens. Snow leopard's are an endangered species so why would the film crew, Disney corporate, and China not help this poor family out???? She and her kittens could have recuperated in an enclosure that could have been flown in and set up right there in the valley and released back into the wild afterwards. Does anyone know what happened to her kittens. I can't find anything, anywhere about them after Dawa, their mother died of her injuries, starvation, and exposure! What a horrifying and cruel (with no humans intervening that filmed all this and watched her and her kittens suffer) way to die!! Yes the movie was beautiful but if humans refuse to intervene especially with helping an endangered species survive then we are the plague that will murder our planet unless we start intervening!!

Reviewed by Khun Kru Mark 1 / 10 / 10

Unwatchable unless you mute it!

God, this is just awful. While the photography is nice (if you like to watch an hour of wildlife moving in ultra slow motion) everything else about this ridiculous impersonation of the BBC is a real mess. All the animals have been given stupid names which are impossible to keep up with... Dim Dim, Bam Bam, Tip Tip, Bong Bong, Gob Gob... I lost count of the stupid names and who they were attached to. So will everyone else watching this rubbish. The Lost Boys is the name assigned to some made up monkey gang? For heaven's sake, give me a break! Also, there's quite a bit of misleading factual nonsense inserted to make the story more interesting. Apparently, a monkey who has been evicted from the family saves his sister from a bird and is welcomed back into the fold as a hero! This NEVER happens in real life. It's insulting to make this trash up simply to improve the 'feelgood factor'. The vocabulary and phraseology are way too advanced for a child to understand and the corny delivery is way to childlike for an adult to enjoy. How on earth this narration got past any kind of production meeting is just anybody's guess. After a few minutes of listening to this bilge, you'll want to punch the speaker in the face... or rip your ears off! Mute this nonsense or better still, simply avoid it.

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