Born of Hope


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ajaymittal 7 / 10 / 10

Hope for Fan Films is Born Today

Having thoroughly enjoyed the short but sweet story from The Hunt for Gollum, I was delighted to experience another LOTR fan film - but this time from a different Director and ultimately from a different perspective. Although perhaps in less style, this film packs a fuller storyline with greater substance than its independent predecessor. The romance is multi-layered; the action is smooth; the costumes and settings are fantastic; and the set is beautifully crafted to create the perfect homestead ambiance. The characters are surprisingly well defined, for such a relatively short feature, and this is complemented well by two outstanding acting performances in particular - Christopher Dane (Arathorn) and Kate Madison (Elgarain). Other than the above, I loved the script and was also surprised by a subtly professional music score. All in all, the success of Born of Hope should encourage other independent film-makers to take hold of their own production reins and create individualistic, original and just plain enjoyable fan films.

Reviewed by fortuneglory 8 / 10 / 10


Wow. This fan-made film was obviously made with love for the material and a passion that clearly shines through. There are many little details and moments that Tolkien fans will love (and made my heart soar once or twice). It's so nice to see that attention to the detail of Middle-earth's history. It is brilliant for the small budget that was available to the filmmakers, and it dovetails quite nicely with the Jackson movies. I must say that I enjoyed it even more than The Hunt for Gollum (which was also very good). This production had the benefit of not using characters established in the Jackson films, which makes everything much more believable in that universe. And it was much better than most of the drivel produced for television. Kudos to all involved in it! A real labor of love and a remarkable effort.

Reviewed by torrentstorm 8 / 10 / 10

In the Days Before Frodo met Aragorn...

and Aragorn had not yet come of age... and the Hobbits had not yet made Gandalf's acquaintance... and Sauron had begun searching for the Ring of Power thinking it was in the hands of humankind... and Elron, King of the Elves, had begun to foresee danger in the near future for Isildor's heirs... Sauron had begun to rally the orcs to conduct raids looking for the Ring. Aragorn had not yet been born. Arathorn, his father, had not yet wed, but the small band of human settlers, trying to stay ahead of orc raiders, were under the protection of the rangers led by him, a mighty warrior and expert leader. So begins this story, marvelously portrayed, in Born of Hope. For a movie made entirely with private funding, it is truly extraordinary. There is little I can add to the excellent reviews posted by others. I have seen other fantasy movies, made with low budgets, from productions in Czech Republic, Italy, and other places, with more buying power, I must add, that do not portray this much care and beauty in a film of such a complex nature. I was surprised to see how they made it even look "expensive", a la Lord of the Rings, which added to the overall enjoyment of the same. Of course, one cannot expect any impressive special effects, or big armies, or fancy castles or architecture. The battle featured with the troll wasn't too gripping or exciting, but perhaps that was the best to be had, so one cannot really find fault with that. Arathorn was an impressive fighter! I could not help notice how they carefully prepared those battle sequences. I think Peter Jackson would be proud, and with good reason. Despite its short duration, the movie feels much longer, and every minute was worth it. So get dressed, invite your sweetheart or friend, drive to the theatre and get some popcorn. Be prepared to relive Lord of the Rings all over again, only this time, pre-Fellowship of the Ring!

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