Born of War


Action / Drama / Thriller / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnphilips-be 8 / 10 / 10


The mountainous and remote Wakhan corridor 1988. Daphne, a young English rose finds herself in over her head. Accused of the murder of a young boy from a tribal family at a time of war between the local people and foreign invaders, she must flee for her life and take a new identity. 2011.The halls of Oxford University in England. Mina, a female student, is a beautiful misfit, living at home as she can't afford campus fees. One night her everyday life is turned upside down and all that she has assumed about who she is is destroyed in a violent invasion on her family home. Her parents are murdered and only herself and her 10 year old sister survive. They are then taken into protection, and the real truth is revealed: Mina's mother had a dark secret. Daphne was not only accused of murder back in 1988, but had an illicit and dangerous affair with the leader of the tribal family with whom she stayed. Mina is his daughter, and he wants her back. Mina is repulsed by her true identity. Please don't go by the ratings. I almost didn't watch the movie after i saw that the rating was low. The movie surprised me. It was interesting and action all the way. The girl was pleasant to watch and her acting was good. Apart from some minor errors here and there, this movie is definitely worth watching. The story of this film was quite new for me. It was not the same old same old terrorism stuff. Something different was provided when you come to know at the climax. The lady villain was a bit irritating. Simons acting was nice. Overall, i will recommend this movie. Enjoy!

Reviewed by stora-bjorn 5 / 10 / 10

Well worth watching

Low budget and sometimes lacking tempo this movie showcases a different angle to the "terrorist-theme".Was expecting the usual trivial approach but I was pleasantly surprised. "Black and white" stereotypes are replaced by more complex characters, which is refreshing. If this movie got the "Hollywood-treatment" it might be more appreciated for what it is,an attempt to show the forces behind "terrorism" and global politics. It is sad that the movie is promoted by a high-heeled heroine poster,good acting effort by female lead though. Gave it 8/10 due to the fact that it was different and deserves more viewers.Well worth viewing.

Reviewed by rushknight 5 / 10 / 10

It's like an old man's tale..

"When I was your age, I cut through ropes and terrorists with broken fragments of a CD and performed surgery on myself with a dull sandstone." I laughed many times. Unfortunately, this is not a comedy. Seriously, some parts of this movie just came off as funny. While it's supposedly an action film, the action is pretty unbelievable. For instance, the bad guys had multiple opportunities to kill the good guys (and the motive to do it with!) and yet for some reason never did it. In fact, the bad guys in general appeared to be very bad at killing, even though they were supposedly paid assassins and such. The picture is constantly too close to the faces of the actors/actresses. So it can be very hard to watch and get's very confining. Fortunately the actors did reasonably well with it, so my complaint isn't with the acting itself. Any flaws in the acting are pretty much directly attributable to the story, which moved on in typical twisty fashion. There are also some usual Hollywood style spins. I personally find it difficult to take the terrorists' view on things, but this film did try to essentially sway the viewer's feelings toward the opposition. But it didn't come off very effectively. ***Vintage imported spoilers for your pleasure below*** And the story was good but had many holes. When you find yourself almost agreeing with the bad guys and their diabolical plans, you feel like you've been sort of led astray. Build the pipeline, move the people, they stop fighting and killing because they don't have the land to do it with anymore. You sick diabolical bad guys! How dare you come up with a good idea! Well, I'm only half joking. Since they killed innocent people to do it they are obviously evil. Still, when the chief villain explained the idea I was like, "Oh. Really? That actually sounds.. great." If they hadn't killed anyone to get there, it would have been quite supportable. But all in all it was a fun watch, I was not bored.

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