Bottled with Love


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omijer 10 / 10 / 10

a Delightful Love Story, Original and Well-Acted

Bottled With Love is one of the most original stories that Hallmark has provided its viewers. It bypasses all the Hallmark cliches that prevail in most of channel's films. This story presents two strong leading characters, each with his and her own identity clearly defined. The plot is highly original, although at some point, there is a "You've Got Mail" aspect to the story. Fortunately, there is enough originality to make this film appealing and charming in its own way. The leads are mature, experienced actors. Bethany Joy Lenz gives her character a consistent identity, clear and appropriate emotions, and a wide range of facial expressions. She presents a mature, well-defined professional woman who expresses her emotions with consistent clarity. Andrew Walker is a gift to any Hallmark movie..He is such a skilled actor. His style of expressing his emotions is so articulate and so engaging. He is alive with emotion his eyes, his smile, his frowns, his body every scene. There has not been one Hallmark movie that he has not captivated the viewer and played his role expertly. One small issue..purely esthetic..Bethany Joy Lenz could have used a better hair stylist this film, as her hair was often too casually unkempt and almost unattractive for the high-level professional woman she portrayed..Her manner of dress was perfect for each scene and each occasion, but her hair was a bit off the mark for a woman of her maturity and successful professional status. all in all a wonderful, original, well-written movie with some truly fine acting.

Reviewed by halesdi 7 / 10 / 10

One of the best Hallmark movies!

I really enjoyed this movie! I'm a fan of Andrew Walker. I think he has some of the best acting chops of the Hallmark leading men. Great chemistry in the leads also made this worth watching. I could watch this again!

Reviewed by Onetrack97 7 / 10 / 10

Basically "You've Got Mail" meets Hallmark

Not exactly original but we still liked it, mainly because of the leads. Bethany wasn't so in your face "happy and smiling" all of the time. Good to see.

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