Bounty Hunters


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by o-39683 10 / 10 / 10

Actually,it's a wonderful film,and all my friends are very enjoying it.

This film is wonderful because main characters are acting very devoted. Especially Lee Minho, is very handsome, who plays the role of Li San.His action scenes are so amazing that my friends are all excited when he appeared.His other acts are all very popular.Indeed,his action skills are really very good,including facial expression and eyes play are in place. Tang Yan, another main character,she is very cool.Her action scenes are also very wonderful. What's more,the background of this film is very broad,including Japan,South Korea,Bangkok and Jeju island,all of that are very beautiful.In a word,it is a wonderful film.You can enjoy this film with your friends,families and your lovers.

Reviewed by hazidil 8 / 10 / 10

Picaresque Movie

One of the most awaited movies of Lee Min Ho. As he himself mentioned, very different to his last movie, Gangnam Blues. I would say not that brutal. The story is quite predictable and flows fast. Wallace Chung creates humor with his character and is successful at it. Lee Min Ho plays a character 'suppose' to be good in martial arts, however the camera angles does not let the viewers see clear actions, as most action scenes are shot very close, so either we see the upper body or lower body that moves fast. However,I believe he does justice to his character. The film locations and use of props gives the movie a high cost appeal and is set in luxury hotels and resorts. Overall the movie is a picaresque.

Reviewed by daletkine 8 / 10 / 10

Great and campy action comedy!

I watched this movie in a theater, in Toronto, with English subtitles and I am glad I did! Both my companions really liked it, as well, with one saying it was perfect! The movie was a great campy action comedy! It had great acting between the Korean and Chinese stars. I especially liked Siu‑Wong Fan in his comedic role in this movie. All main actors performed great. The movie has beautiful shots of Korea and if you are familiar with the setting, you will truly enjoy these! Also, a Bombardier new plane appears in the movie, which was curious! What I really loved, and what elevated this to 8/10 for me, are the surprises! They are not so much plot twists, but completely unexpected actions, which make a lot of sense, but you never see them coming! They were brilliantly done and made me laugh, and surprised me constantly. Humor was great and smart all the way to the end and there was no toilet humor or swearing, which is a huge plus for me! The action was really good, very polished and cool to look at, with some truly great scenes, like the car collision, which was very well done. A superb martial arts fight scene is also present, just past mid-way through the movie, which had extremely good and unique camera work! It is well worth watching! Other action was very well choreographed too and well done. The story was good and fell into place well. The only negative I found was pacing, especially in second half of the movie, where it sometimes seems a bit out of place, however the movie maintained momentum and finished without slowing down too much. Overall, I would rate this movie highly, liked it a lot, with my friends loving it. Humor was smart and funny, hugely surprising sometimes and the action was polished and great-looking, with unique fight camera work! Will probably buy on Blu-Ray once it's out to watch again!

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