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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AnotherMoviePlease 10 / 10 / 10

It speaks volumes

It speaks volumes that a movie like this gets a 6.6 here at IMDb while a Guardians of the Galaxy gets an 8.5. I thought this movie was great. This movie will undoubtedly do very well in Europe, as do Woody Allen movies, and for the same reasons: this movie articulates some of our inner thoughts and re-focuses our attention on what is important in life. It is engaging and makes you think. Highly entertaining. Many people I believe were put off by the abrupt ending and it is a bit abrupt. But the writing is just perfect and Ben Stiller has so much depth. Ben Stiller has to be commended. He can make millions and chooses from time to time movies like this one and Greenberg. Keep them coming Ben. Much appreciated. A gem.

Reviewed by jojomaiyunling 6 / 10 / 10

Good Reminder

The opening of the movie is rather day-Brad mumbling nonstop at the background music is really dry! I wish he spoke faster and maybe his wife would actually have a fight with him or something...But what he said really resonated in me: we are always comparing ourselves with other people and feeling stupid. Towards the end of the movie, he found out he did not see the sad sides of his rich friends' lives. Their lives are certainly not picture perfect. We all have ups and downs but at the end we need to be living for a purpose, not just after fame and status. I felt like the ending was really lame. I wish it could have some sort of a kick: the son decides to follow after his dad, he takes a trip to visit his friend's sick daughter, or another interaction with Craig Fisher...anything. It just felt like the movie didn't get "resolve." It had some good points in it but the story lines could have been more developed. There were also too many curse words in the movie that this wouldn't be a good movie for teens. (The curse words in there were really redundant.) I also dislike the part that he was sexualizing his son's friends ((well but I guess that is what goes on in real life, just watch out ladies!)). cons: -when the son told him he was embarrassed that his dad made a scene at the admissions office, but he later told him he isn't going to worry about other's opinions anymore because he knows his dad cares for him. -when he realized that he had been competing with Craig all these years but he was too busy to reply his message (Stop holding grudges people!)

Reviewed by stangpt-72073 6 / 10 / 10

Who doesn't have doubts?

All of us....OK....most of us, have doubts about who we could have become had we made different decisions in our life or taken door B instead of A. In addition I do believe this applies to people of every status achieved from those on the unemployment line to the president of the bank. Where that commonality ends is the vast majority do not dwell on what could have been to the point of allowing a saturation of 24/7 contemplation. Having said that and sort of contradicting myself I found the story to be 100% believable. PROS - Good every once in a while to self evaluate where we are in life and how we became. Brad's story will inject a biting inquiry. A couple laughs....but just a couple. CON - Too much narration for me. A sermon. Slow.

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