Bravo Two Zero


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Emma Chambers as Dinger's Wife
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Steve Nicolson as Vernon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by draconian1313 8 / 10 / 10


This movie is one of the most realistic Military movies that I have ever seen. Of course there are the overly powerful grenades and M-72 Rocket Launchers, but other than small Hollywood type explosions this movie shows great detail about a military patrol from the weight of a Rucksack, to the drills used to break contact with the enemy, Section attacks, how to re-organize going into a defensive position. But what the movie captures the best is the interaction between the soldiers. For those of us who have been, or currently are, this movie captures the comradery, the sense of humour that is quite unique to the military, and most importantly the bond between each of us that drives us to not quit on each other.

Reviewed by jnefinn 7 / 10 / 10

Fascinating and riveting

I first saw a documentary on the Discovery channel about the mission that is portrayed in this movie. I know a lot about the history of the Gulf War but I had never heard about this particular mission. I was completely fascinated as to what these soldiers went through and how they managed to deal with their incredible situation. Then by pure coincidence, about a week later I stumbled across this movie on cable. The movie dramatized the mission slightly and gave it a very personal feeling, which is captured wonderfully by the actors portraying the soldiers. The movie gives a very real sense of the comradery, dedication, and professionalism that Special Forces troops exhibit. I would definitely recommend this movie if you have a fascination or appreciation for the military.

Reviewed by Unforgiven5150 7 / 10 / 10

A War movie that spends more time on the characters & and mission that how much was spent on special effects!

Well from what was written before, I would like to say 2 things to start: #1. I hope all people in the Netherlands aren't as ignorant as the person who wrote a review on war. And number 2, if you are going to bash a person by name, get it right, it's McNab, not McNam. Also at IMDB people want to hear what you thought about the movie, not your political ideas! I feel this movie showed a picture of what these men went through and the bonds they make being on an SAS team. In my opinion, there really aren't many other professions that earn my respect more than Special Forces of any military. These men go into situations and places they shouldn't be, full well knowing that there is a great chance they won't make it out. I feel this movie balanced that idea with the idea that these men also understand that they have to get on with life and deal with the profession they have chosen. Instead of spending the budget and trying to impress the audience with flashy special effects and the newest and neatest gadgets in film making, this film spent more time on what happened and on the characters. Having not read the book yet, I cannot say if it followed the book, however after watching the film it has sparked my interest to get McNab's books and also Ryan's book on the same subject. I did find myself rewinding and turning the DVD subtitles on more than once as they filmed the movie using the British slang and way of speaking and military jargon. While this may make it a little more difficult for anyone who didn't grow up on the streets of England, I feel this added quite a bit to the realism of the movie. If you can get past the fact it does not have flashy effects to keep some of you interested and the slang, I suggest this movie for any war movie buff. One more comment on something our friend from the Netherlands said, I don't recall McNab saying he has a license to kill at the end of the movie. I'm pretty sure it was just "I'm a soldier". Get your facts straight.

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