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Bob Hoskins as Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fletcher Conner 5 / 10 / 10

One of the Strangest Movies of All Time

Brazil is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen, yet it is not out of character for Terry Gilliam. Jonathan Pryce stars as a mid level bureaucrat in a dystopian world that is a cross between 1984 and the DMV. In this fiscally-conscious big brother government that charges prisoners for their interrogations, there is a form for everything and the bureaucracy dominates all aspects of life. The plot is meandering and plays second fiddle to the absurdist aspects of the movie. There are no likable characters, so there is no reason for the viewer to care what happens to anyone. There are a few interesting characters, namely Robert De Niro and Bob Hoskins as the two opposite sides of the central air repair business. Ultimately, not much actually happens, and a fair bit of what happens is simply absurd side plots that go nowhere and add nothing to the story.

Reviewed by BipBap204 8 / 10 / 10

my second favorite comedy movie

this is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. the social commentary in this movie is brilliant and absolutely hilarious.every second of this movie is great. another thing is the world building, it looks incredible. this movie feels like a mix of blade runner and fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Reviewed by austin0731 8 / 10 / 10

Brazil is inventive, interesting and ahead of its time.

Brazil is inventive, interesting and ahead of its time. Brazil is such a compelling and fresh story even now, 20+ years after its release. In fact in our world today we should pay so much more attention as the world of Brazil is slowly becoming a reality. With a central bureaucratic government focused on paperworks, rules and regulations the reality escaping Sam Lowry truly is a reflection of all of us. First, I must commend the many brilliant performances in Brazil, of course Jonathan Pryce was very good in his role as Sam Lowry. Robert De Niro was solid in the brief moments that he was on screen and Kim Griest was also really great as Jill Layton playing a brilliant foil to Sam Lowry. Brazil tells such a brilliant story of the protagonist: Sam Lowry and his sense of wonder and imagination a dream of a better world than the technology ridden, grey concrete reality. The film captures the sense of concrete confinement perfectly, the architecture of the world was dull and grey, the office rooms were confined and tight. All the while we see these pipelines running within the walls as the film creates a Orwellian world. This movie captures the idea of the everyday struggle of the everyman perfectly and in a way that is fully relatable. Sam Lowry's character is constantly stuck in this irritating cycle of paperwork and needlessly convoluted central government. This to me is very much a daily struggle for people even now. Just think about the mountains of paperwork you need to fill for the many day to day affairs when really this is simply inefficient. Brazil takes this idea a brings it to a whole new level. Brazil also discusses dreams and the idea that only through our imagination are we free and not to be confined by such an overpowering bureaucracy. Magnificently materialized in a shot near the end of the movie where Sam Lowry is in a room towed away by Jill Layton and there were no wires or pipe work buried in the walls. A brilliant shot utilizing symbolism in the most amazing ways. Brazil is truly a thought provoking movie that is sure to be thought provoking and just has so many interpretations. It is such a beautiful and great film that absolutely exceeds its time.

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