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J.T. Walsh as Steven Seldes
Kathleen Quinlan as Leona Hart
Kurt Russell as Eldon Perry
M.C. Gainey as Earl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by badfeelinganger 10 / 10 / 10

Russell throws off the familiar guise, rejects showboat heroics and sweats for real. He's never been better.

Kurt Russells character Jeff, search for his wife is reminiscent of The Vanishing and yet there is something else, an insidious violence that declares open season on strangers. Whatever is going on, and you never quite know for certain, it has an ugly echo of the dark side of country. This could easily have been a style-washed film noir of the Red Rock West variety. Instead, Mostow remains believable, therefore increasing the tension. He makes you feel Taylor's terror and rage. He makes you breathe fast and shallow. Russell can be beef-caked and plastic films like Escape From New York, Big Trouble In Little China. He can be solid wood Stargate and stiff-upper ed The Thing. What Mostow achieves with him here is remarkable. Taylor is not presented in Stallonescope, rather as an ordinary bloke who doesn't know what to do. Russell can slip into stereotype at the scratch of a producer's pen. What makes Breakdown such a convincing ride is his ability to convey fear and courage simultaneously. Taylor's out of his depth. He's scared, but he's going on. Russell throws off the familiar guise, rejects showboat heroics and sweats for real. He's never been better.

Reviewed by scottishwhiskey 10 / 10 / 10

Kurt Russell at his best

Every time Kurt Russell is in something you can always rely on a solid film. And once again in Breakdown you will not be disappointed. A solid cast with great directing makes this a must see. A great thriller that keeps you second guessing until the end which I love. Russell always puts in the full 100 percent and it shows here again. Why can't actors do what he does like this anymore. Good performances all around make this a tight entertaining watch that you will feel you have not wasted your almost 2 hours. A fast paced thriller that hits the mark at every turn. See this one and you will see how the 90s had great suspenseful films lacking today.

Reviewed by monacoforeverr 10 / 10 / 10

Extremely good and underrated!!! A must for any action/thriller fan!!

This film is really cool. Basically, a man and wife are travelling and fall victim to some very shady people in a cat and mouse game. As the film progresses, we get plenty of things you would expect if you were in this position yourself, like the people at the diner, and the involvement of the police, who politely inform you that they can't help any further after not much has been done. The scene in the police station where Jeffrey is looking at all the missing people made me wonder: 'how many of these people were involved with the trucker?'. He involves the police but as I say they can't really do much, but he's not really all that concerned with those who suspect he's lying; he's concerned with the people who know he's telling the truth!! The film also gives you the kind of scenes you need in order to stay interested and 'into it' so to speak, there are great plot twists here and there accompanied by some great acting and very fine action sequences. The scene in the truck with the great M.C Gainey's dialogue about how dumb Jeffrey is raises a lot of questions. The scene in the barn near the end is a real eye opener, when you see all the license plates and items of clothing and so on in boxes hidden in the top of the barn, whose are those? Also when Billy talks briefly about 'that couple in Ohio'. Have they done this thing a lot before? Truly great film all around, you never get bored and you can rarely guess what will happen next! I must also compliment J.T. Walsh for giving a great performance as Red Barr, and Rex Linn for his great cameo as the police officer. You know how sometimes you start playing with your phone or keep looking at your watch? Oh no, not this time pal! Great acting, great action, great plot, I'm loving it!! 10/10

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