Breaker! Breaker!


Action / Adventure / Crime

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Chuck Norris as John David 'J.D.' Dawes
George Murdock as Judge Joshua Trimmings
Jack Nance as Burton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Erich8192 5 / 10 / 10

C.B. Radio porn for the Smokey And The Bandit / Convoy / Cannonball crowd

This movie is like 84 minutes of straight up C.B. Radio porn for the Smokey And The Bandit / Convoy / Cannonball crowd, as it typifies the country-music-infused blue-collar-trucker sub-genre of movies that peaked in the late 1970's. But this film is more notable to me because it is Chuck Norris' debut in a starring role. The 2000 bare-bones MGM DVD is Widescreen 1.85:1 with Mono sound. In it Chuck Norris plays J. D. Dawes, yet another one of your average 'martial arts truck drivers' who's little brother Billy is essentially held hostage by an entire town while making his first solo run as a big-rig driver himself. In this back water town, the police to the judge are corrupt, and is run on the money it extorts by unscrupulously diverting honest truckers from the main hi-way to their fly-trap town, where they impose a bunch of tariffs and taxes on the truckers cargo...or risk having their haul impounded, basically stolen. In the case of the naive driver Billy Dawes, this is exactly what happens; his valuable cargo of, yes...TV impounded and he is thrown into the local jail for disrespectin' the judge. Well typical of all other Chuck Norris films for the next 30 years, what happens then is obvious; J. D. Dawes goes on a one man ass-kicking mission to rescue the innocent, even if it means taking on the whole town! This film is nowhere near as entertaining or fast paced as Norris' 1980's Cannon fare, rather the action here is sparse and the acting plain bad. The director and producer Don Hulette, also wrote the music, what a renaissance man.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 10 / 10 / 10

Got Your Ears On, Chuck's In Trouble

Breaker! Breaker! has Chuck Norris as a truck driver and a karate master, talk about juggling two disparate careers. He gives a load he can't deliver to his younger brother Michael Augenstein and then when the young man doesn't show up, Chuck goes looking for him. What young Augenstein has got himself into is a speed-trap run by Judge George Murdock who comes from the Roy Bean school of jurisprudence. Of course Norris deals with matters in the usual Chuck Norris way and when he gets in trouble, the call goes out over the CB for all the truckers to come and help their good buddy. This speed-trap known as Texas City has a bad reputation and the drivers are only too happy to help a pal. Chuck's of course quite a bit younger and with no facial hair in this one. He's got the tight lipped look of a man who realizes the Academy won't be looking at this gobbler. George Murdock is overacting outrageously as the Judge Roy Bean wannabe. This one is strictly for the fans of Chuck Norris.

Reviewed by bill-1070 10 / 10 / 10

my life has changed

I don't think I've ever witnessed such a remarkable form of art. Chuck Norris punched a hick in the groin. It was awesome. Later on, he had a make-out fight. Yeah, him and yet another hick were rolling around in the hay, doing you-know-what. The rough kind, with wood. Watch it. Also, if your curtains ever blow in the middle of the night (which happens to include daylight), chances are A SEMI WILL BUST THROUGH THE WALL. Don't miss out on this blockbuster hit! Just for the pirate, too! "I'm gonna stick ya!" Then comes the crab-man.

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