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Bruce Vilanch as Uncle Max
James Hong as Victor Shu
Richard Gere as Simon Hunt
Valérie Kaprisky as Monica Poiccard
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Reviewed by mov_maniac 9 / 10 / 10

the future is bullshit

Amazing performance from Richard Gere. Got to hand it to him,right from start to finish he steals the show and he is well complimented by Valérie Kaprisky.A care free living in the moment attitude as he cruises around the city stealing cars and is in love with the lovely valerie who doesn't love him at first but she falls for his attitude as he makes her smile and she says in one scene "i am free when i am with you jesse". simply in love with the movie theater scene. the chemistry between the two was mesmerizing to watch as this one leaves you truly breathless. Do not miss this one out guys because you are in for one helluva ride!!

Reviewed by Miles burton 10 / 10 / 10

Breathless review

Jim McBride's remake of 'A Bout De Soufflé' comes a young, handsome Richard Gere who is a wonderer of the streets. When Gere gets in the papers, he becomes noticed by everyone, he has to quickly leave town as soon as he can without anyone notices before the police come and take him away, on the way, he falls in love with a young, beautiful school pupil. Gere's performance was brilliant as usual, I didn't really used to care for Gere's performances, like 'Pretty Woman' but in this it shows that he is a very willing and committed Actor and he can take on any role that comes his way. The film has songs by Jerry Lee Lewis throughout it, and one in particular that leaves the film on a high.... Breathless.

Reviewed by cyril-815-290166 10 / 10 / 10

Underrated Film of All Time

I think it was some time in the late 80's when films started to become predictable. This version of Breathless in 1983 had a couple thing going for it - Richard Gere as he rose to fame and that is was a remake of a classic film. The writer of this film took some really big chances. We're suppose to root for a cop killer, street thug and womanizer? Yup and we do because the film works. It's not preaching morality like all films seem to do, it takes risks. My favorite seen of the film is towards the end where they go to underground dance party and end up in the loft of a movie theatre playing the classic 1940's film noir. The ending is a classic to - it's all or nothing with this film.

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