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Kristen Wiig as Jane Whittman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joaofilipeafonso-35374 6 / 10 / 10

Funny but nothing that particularly special

Bridesmaids is an entertaining picture that does come with beliaveable characters and a story that never stops being entertaining, and is on a much higher remark than similar comedies. Kristen Wiig's contribution to the film, both as a writer and an actress, allows the film to showcase the talent among female comedians, but it is not without a bland story to pull it all together. In a nutshell, Bridesmaids comes up with a generic story and bland direction to deliver a picture that has some genuinely funny actresses and gags, though it is nothing to write home about as being a landmark of comedy.

Reviewed by cncsurf 10 / 10 / 10

Diarhea and farts, with girl parts

Fart jokes and toilet humor, while charming and funny for teenage boys. It just doesn't work with a bunch of middle age unattractive loud women. There was not one scene that was funny. I watched with some friends and we all had high hopes for a gross out humor movie like "Bad Santa" or "Bad Teacher" which both featured crude, yet likeable characters. Nothing was funny about this. Nothing at all. No one was laughing. The scenes that were suppose to be funny were so gross and predictable it ranks up with the reprehensible "Freddy Got Fingered." Avoid this movie. It is a 5 minute unfunny SNL skit stretched out to two embarrassing and unbearable hours.

Reviewed by debbiekirk24 10 / 10 / 10

Laugh out loud funny, but don't expect a Rom Com!

I can't believe all the poor reviews on here. I absolutely LOVE this film. It is hilarious and it is one of the few films I could watch over and over again without getting bored. A talented cast bring to life a hilarious script and I lost count of the laugh-out-loud funny moments. The worst part of the film is the title. I ignored this film every time I saw it listed because I had confused its title with Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway which I found irritating rather than funny, but when I eventually decided to give Bridesmaids a go because there was nothing else on TV, I got such a fantastic surprise. I can only think that the viewers who gave this film such scathing reviews had been expecting a rom com, and this is nothing of the sort. Think of The 40 Year Old Virgin or even Two and Half Men and that is the kind of humour you get from Bridemaids, but with superbly funny women in the lead roles. Thank you so much to everyone involved: I can't wait to see it again!

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