Bringing Ashley Home



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November 27, 2020



A.J. Cook as Kate Moore
John Reardon as David Powell
Patricia Richardson as Michelle McGee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcjlsatow 10 / 10 / 10

Absolutely Amazimg

I will literally never be the same after watching this movie. I have yet to come across one so powerful and emotional. I am still in tears. Not to mention my two absolute favorite actresses star in it and they did a wonderful job. Jennifer Morrison and A.J Cook deserve some kind of award for their outstanding acting in this film. Their emotions were so raw and powerful I felt myself actually feeling what the characters felt. And when you can laugh, cry and get angry right along with the characters you know it's an amazing movie. I highly recommend this movie. It will definitely change you in some way.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 10 / 10 / 10

Better than average Lifetime movie

Another one of those Lifetime movies that sucks you in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This was one was actually pretty good. Here A woman searches relentlessly across the country for her missing sister (Jennifer Morrison) who is suffering from bipolar disorder and took to drugs and wild partying before she disappeared. With no help from police or authorities (because her sister is an adult)locating Ashley takes 'Libba' into some dangerous situations and almost costs her everything (marriage, career) but she refuses to give up. Based on a true story this has the usual Lifetime budget, acting skills and cameos from familiar, now aging actors. Filmed in Vancouver which substitutes for Portland here. 05.13

Reviewed by lmt_is_me 10 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly heart wrenching..

Jennifer Morrison and A.J. Cook were just amazing in this tv movie. Libba(A.J.) almost loses everything that is important to her trying to find her sister. It appears that Ashley does not want to be found and would be happier to live in her addiction. Unfortunately, Ashley has to deal with being bi-polar as well. Being off your medication can alter your thought process. I have not been in situations like this but know people who are and they thought the movie was quite realistic after I asked them to watch it. I thought Patricia Richardson was great as per usual.

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