British Agent


Drama / History / Romance / War

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Cesar Romero as Tito Del Val
Donald Crisp as Marshall O'Reilly
J. Carrol Naish as Commissioner of War Trotsky
Leslie Howard as Stephen Locke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crispy_comments 7 / 10 / 10

"never mix business with pleasure" - but this film is an exception to the rule

"British Agent" succeeds in being both thought-provoking, and emotionally engaging. It would've been easy to lose the characters in the history lesson, but, fortunately, even the supporting cast make an impression and make you care about what happens to them. There is genuine tension, and grief at the deaths which occur. I thought there was a good balance between expository dialogue and action scenes, as well. True, at 80 minutes the story is rushed - it could've been a bit longer, especially to give more depth to the relationship that develops between Steve (Leslie Howard) and Elena (Kay Francis). They seem to declare love rather quickly. However, thanks to the good actors involved, it's not too implausible. One feels sympathy for all the characters, and understanding of both sides - no small feat, considering the opposing political views. This film provides an effective introductory history lesson, a relatively unbiased portrayal of two different countries/ideologies, and a gripping love story. It's not easy to juggle all these elements into a cohesive whole, but I believe "British Agent" does a fine job of educating *and* entertaining. Sometimes you *can* mix business with pleasure.

Reviewed by David Spalding 6 / 10 / 10

Lost gem based on real events, on real intrigues

Apparently based on the memoirs of Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart, this film pits Leslie Howard versus the tumultuous events in Russia during 1917, and 1918. Though this film leaves out any mention of someone named Sidney Reilly (the infamous "Ace of Spies", whose exploits were also recounted by Lockhart), and Kay Francis steps in as a Russian firebrand. Meeting by accident the night of the first revolution, "Locke" and Elena are instantly smitten. When Locke is sent back to Petrograd to stall the Soviet's armistice with Germany (which would endanger the Allies on the western front), Elena is now secretary to a certain V. Lenin, and from there the melodrama ignites. Short on romance, but long on suspenseful political drama and schemes. Leslie Howard is terrific as usual, and Michael Curtiz' direction is crackling. You have to hand it to a top-drawer director for illustrating political upheaval with such entertaining panache. Also hard to overlook is a young actor named Cesar Romero, displaying a light comedic touch.

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10 / 10

odd film

Well, a film starring Leslie Howard and Kay Francis and directed by Michael Curtiz could never be a complete disaster. "British Agent" from 1934 is far from that, but because of the script, it's a little strange. This film is based on the memoirs of R.C. Lockhart. "British Agent" is only 80 minutes long and it packs in a tremendous amount of plot. Leslie Howard is Steven Locke, who works for the British embassy in Russia at the time of the revolution. He falls for Elena Moura (Francis), a woman he saves. This is the first problem because they meet in one scene and are madly in love in practically the next. Locke is instructed to keep Russia from signing a separate peace with Germany, which would be harmful to England. Elena holds to a different ideology, being a follower of Lenin. The two clash, and when Elena finds out Locke's assignment, she's quick to tell the other side. That's the second problem -- in the midst of a revolution, Locke receives a dispatch from London and reads it out loud while Elena is in the house. Elena continues to be in love with Locke, betraying him at the same time. The acting is very good, and Howard and Francis have wonderful chemistry. It's just not very plausible. Possibly if the love story had been developed more, it would have been more believable. It's always a delight to see Leslie Howard in a film, as well as Kay Francis. I'll take them any way I can get them, and here, it's in "British Agent."

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