Brooklyn's Finest


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Ethan Hawke as Sgt. Will Knott
Richard Gere as George Putnam
Vincent D'Onofrio as Dock Newton
Wesley Snipes as Jimmy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaboomistudio 3 / 10 / 10


This film isn't difficult to watch because as a viewer you assume multiple characters are being built separately to eventually combine. The building part is not done badly, the acting is OK, and the music builds some tension. But then they the multiple stories never combine. The film just ends. 2 stars for basic film/acting quality, 1 extra because I actually found it funny how bad this story is.

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 8 / 10 / 10

See Brooklyn and Die.

Man, this is one grim story. Brooklyn is bad enough to start with. Gone are the days of joking about Brooklyn accents or the Dodgers or enjoying Coney Island. Now it's darkness, drugs, and danger. The narrative cuts back and forth between three mostly unrelated stories. Richard Gere is an old timer about to retire and doesn't bother to discharge his duties in a moral way. Don Cheadle is an honest undercover cop who has old friends in the hood and is tempted to betray one of them in return for a promotion. Ethan Hawke, who overacts outrageously, is a religious family man in serious financial trouble who decides to murder and rob a gang of drug dealers so his wife can have their twins safely in some leafy suburb. Two of them break the law, one out of a desire for vengeance, the other for pecuniary reasons. They pay for their transgressions. The one who survives has nothing in particular to live for. The performances are all of professional caliber, except I wish Ethan Hawke could have stopped acting as if he were just coming down from battery acid or something. Odd expressions and sniffing during pauses -- that's John Malkovitch's territory. The direction by Fuqua is functional and generally avoid the stylish and unnerving shaky camera of the average action flick. Some borrowings from Martin Scorsese and Alfred Hitchcock may be observed. It's a movie that really gets down in the dirt, with enough action to keep action fans' attention, but also with less violent but equally emotional issues -- a man's love for a professional prostitute, allegiances torn apart by circumstances, that sort of thing.

Reviewed by seymourblack-1 8 / 10 / 10

Crossing The Line Between Right & Wrong

The extraordinary pressures confronted by three very different NYPD officers provide the basis for this hard-hitting cop drama which, despite covering familiar ground, does a good job of making its audience think about what's asked of these men, the value of their work to society and the poor ways in which they're rewarded. Their individual stories are skilfully interwoven in a way that seems very natural until they all eventually meet up in the movie's highly dramatic climax. Veteran beat cop Eddie Dugan (Richard Gere) is just trying to get through his last week before retirement in the most uneventful way possible. He's depressed, burnt-out and suicidal having been broken by everything he's had to deal with over his 22-year career and his lack of enthusiasm for his work isn't understood or appreciated by the rookies who he's been instructed to mentor in one of Brooklyn's most challenging neighbourhoods. He's become used to the lack of respect that he gets from his colleagues and the only breaks he gets from his misery are when he hits the bottle or when he visits his good-natured hooker called Chantel (Shannon Kane). Drug squad detective Sal Procida (Ethan Hawke) is frustrated by not being paid enough to support his wife and family despite the fact that he works hard in an extremely dangerous job. He's desperate to move out of his current mould-infested accommodation as it will soon become too small for his growing family and is anxious about the effect that the mould is having on the health of his asthmatic wife and one of their children. For some time, Sal has been stealing money he recovers during the drug raids he leads, but the fact that even this doesn't provide him with enough to make his first payment on a new home, drives him into even more criminality. Despite being a Catholic who's devoted to his faith, he habitually rationalises what he does because it's for the benefit of his family. Detective Tango Butler (Don Cheadle) is an undercover cop who has, for some considerable time, been posing as a drug dealer in a large-scale operation. He's close to cracking under the pressure of what he's doing because he's starting to feel more loyalty to the people he lives and works with rather than his superior officers who regularly promise him a promotion that repeatedly fails to materialise. His torment is then made even worse when he's instructed to set up drug kingpin Caz Phillips (Wesley Snipes). This is because Tango can't bring himself to betray his friend who'd previously saved his life but also, he knows that if he doesn't, he'll have no chance of promotion or escaping his current, increasingly unbearable circumstances. The ways in which these three men try to deal with their problems at the same time as confronting the day to day dangers of their work, makes this a very intense, gritty and tragic drama which shows how easy it can be to lose sight of the lines between right and wrong. This is essentially a character-driven piece and as such, benefits hugely from having a terrific cast of actors on board. Gere, Hawke and Cheadle are all excellent as they depict the anguish that their characters go through and Wesley Snipes' contribution is also very memorable.

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