Brothers of War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 4 / 10 / 10

There are some brothers involved but not really a war film – and ignore the cover.

The synopsis of this film is that two brothers have been indulging in sibling rivalry for some time. Greg is the nice one who likes poetry and is all sensitive and Jake is the black sheep who loves divilment and causing a ruckus. This is all told in both linear and flashback mode. Then the war breaks out and Greg is the one who volunteers in 1939 and leaves the familial strife on the farm to go off to war. **Please note the following may contain PLOT SPOILERS** Well the war bit or rather the actual fighting bit lasts about three minutes of screen time, the rest is all about relationships both in England and France. One brother never even makes it to war. This is though quite a good film if taken on the relationship front and the issues of family ties and love. There are some plot holes too which were easy to have addressed. The acting though is all pretty solid and the attention to period detail is all done very well, especially when you consider this was an independent effort. It is the mis selling that is the real issue here. So not a war film, per se, but with a background to WW2 to add drama and give context to the bigger story. The cover art is about as accurate as saying FIFA runs like a well oiled machine. It should not be allowed and will attract lovers of war films who may not be at all interested in a purely relationship based story – and that is no matter how well acted and put together it is – hence my rating.

Reviewed by Johnny Lynch 9 / 10 / 10

Outstanding achievement

Having been involved in around 100 productions myself from no/low budget to Hollywood I can see one thing that everyone involved in this film believed in. While watching this of course I can see a few holes but what films don't. In my humble opinion those holes appear for a number of reasons with financial constraints in my experience can harm a truly outstanding script. What Brothers of War does is make the very best of the creative talent that I can see stretched themselves to the limit. Am sure the days was long and very few people moaned as they all knew what could be achieved when all pulling in the same direction. The results on screen are quite simply astounding and like I said earlier when making a film with very little budget its a miracle everyday to shoot something never mind put out a film which can be seen and in this case be proud of. My hat is tipped to those that inspired the monumental work ethic that all the cast and crew put into the making of Brothers of War and I for one would work with anyone involved on their next productions. Watch this and see what I saw and you will watch in awe at the talent we have in the UK independent film industry and I for one will be watching what they do next. Well done everyone.

Reviewed by jamesclements 9 / 10 / 10

A powerful and emotional film

The film 'Brothers of War' leaves its viewers stunned by the end. The plot twists encapsulate and grab its audience who sit and watch the harsh realities of war. The beautiful cinematography with sweeping views of the country brings light to a film which grabs the realness of war with little relief. Rory Finn and the rest of the actors bring the film to life with superb acting. The last thing to mention is the attention to detail which immerses the viewers into the time period. The films story is extremely original, Mike Carters writing and direction is definitely something to aspire to. The film really is a much watch!

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