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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kyfray 9 / 10 / 10


A pretty good indie flick, with some cool twists and turns. The short run time flew by (except for the third act, which did feel a bit long winded), and kept me guessing the whole time. It was nice to have a film embrace a shorter run time, and not force unnecessary scenes to pad it out. It was also nice to see a movie where the social media "influencers" aren't portrayed as unlikable one dimensional characters. All of the actors were believable (which is a rarity in most low budget films) and not too over the top. If you have an hour to spare, definitely check this one out. It was a fun time, and never tried to be anything more than that.

Reviewed by slancasterarah / 10

A fun time

This movie was a really good time. And very well made considering the low budget. I wish it had been a little bit longer, but that may be because the energy was so fast paced the short run time flew by even faster. Great job to the cast and crew; anyone that likes independent films or comedic character studies will like this movie.

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