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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamelbenrahal 2 / 10 / 10


I expected so much more from a very talented Kheiron. The script is really poor.. Ramzy Bedia as Julius Cesar was an enormous mistake. Too many references to spoof movies and fun cinema in general just didn't work in this film.. I was also bothered by too many guests invited in the cast.. some didn't have any purpose at all, some overplayed their role.. none had any depth in presence or script. Gerard Darmon is the only one that stood out.. it seems like here wrote and directed own parts.. I still like Kheiron on stage, in one man shows and in his personal and "dramatic" scenarios.. this type of humour should he left to others .. No that is said: ! congratulations to him on his third movie.. the two first ones were excellent so let's hope for more

Reviewed by bashum-65733 2 / 10 / 10

Try to be funny and touching... but failled

I was expecting for something else. I really like Kheiron and his two first movies but this one is a deception. He try to be human and sensitive with his tipical kind of humor but the ancient rome is not a place for that kind of situations.

Reviewed by emmanuel49300 2 / 10 / 10

Oh my God !...

Oh my God !... Shame on the writer(s) of this ridiculous boring under-movie. Some of the actors are supposed to be good, and they once were. But retirement might have been a better idea than "playing" in this rotten tomatoes competitor.

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