Buccaneer's Girl


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Musical / Romance

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Elsa Lanchester as Hendrickje Stoffels
Norman Lloyd as Mr. Garmes
Verna Felton as Dowager
Yvonne De Carlo as Louise Warren
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by copper1963 10 / 10 / 10

Shiver me timbers!

Handsomely mounted Yvonne De Carlo potboiler from Universal-International, which perfectly showcases a bygone era of bloodthirsty pirates and snooty aristocrats. Phillip Friend secures and flourishes in the dual roles of Captain Kingston and the cutthroat Baptiste. He has just the right amount of swagger and glint in his eye to pull it off. I like how Kingston supports the "Seaman's Fund" with his stolen booty. He is very much like a 19th century version of Robin Hood. But it's all quite unbelievable, really. Can he keep his identity a secret from the elites? Well, Miss De Carlo knows his true identity, and it's "Baptiste/Kingston's job to convince her of his own sincerity and goodwill. As for De Carlo's "Debbie McCoy," she sings three songs (and dances), gets into five scrapes, and exhibits a high degree of skill for escaping dire predicaments. She radiates a keen comedic flair for the broad material. While watching this movie, I developed a feeling that she reminded me of someone else. But I couldn't place the thought until she is caught napping in a shopkeeper's vegetable closet. She chews on a carrot, roles her eyes, and strolls confidently away from the prickly situation involving the storekeeper, his jealous wife, and a constable. And the actress she reminded me of: Lucille Ball. She's that talented here.

Reviewed by weezeralfalfa 5 / 10 / 10

engaging colorful complicated Caribbean pirate impersonation drama

Lavish wardrobes, stunning Technicolor and cinematography, and two handsome/beautiful charismatic leads. Nothing is said about the time period involved, but I would guess the late French/Spanish period in Louisiana. The hero, debonair Englishman Captain Kingston(also in the guise of pirate Captain Baptiste), has as his nemesis, the Frenchman Narbonne(Robert Douglass), merchant kingpin of the New Orleans(NO) region, and his henchman: Patout(Norman LLoyd). Although not mentioned, Kingston seems to be the only Englishman, among otherwise Frenchmen, in the high society of New Olreans. Yvonne De Carlo, as Debbie McCoy, is a mysterious sassy stowaway on board a Narbonne ship from Boston. Apparently, she is a runaway from her family, used to singing and dancing for the high society of Boston. Captured by Batiste, he plans to take her to the pirate stronghold of Tortuga, where she might be employed as a singer/dancer. But, somehow Debbie stows away on the landing craft for NO, and shows up curled inside a grocer's cabinet, determined to land a rich NO society man. Madame Brizar, who runs a finishing school for fashionable young ladies, likes Debbie's looks and takes her home for a further evaluation. After working out their personality conflicts, She passes and sings and dances a bit at a Kingston party. There, she meets Captain Baptiste, now in the guise of Captain Kingston, commissioned to capture Baptiste! Later, we learn that Kingston is not the real Baptiste. Apparently, he killed Baptiste, who was allied with Narbonne against other NO shippers, and took over Baptiste's identity when at sea, switching from a Narbonne ally to attacking only Narbonne's ships! He sells the captured goods in Martinique to support the 'seaman's fund', established by his late father, to outfit more merchant ships, including his own, to compete with Narbonne. He is also popular with with non-Narbornne NO sailors, because he hires local seamen, whereas Narbonne does not(why?). Despite Kingston's leisurely engagement to Arlene: the governor's daughter, he grudgingly accepts Debbie as a stowaway on his next pirating expedition, which she much aids with her overheard info from Narbonne. When they return to NO, Kingston is shocked to learn that his fiancé has married Narbonne.. This leaves him open to marry Debbie. However, he is found guilty of piracy and to be hanged in the morning. Debbie and a rowdy tavern crowd of anti-Narbonne sailors, taken to jail, take over the jail instead, freeing Kingston and his crew, to sail away(to where? continue sacking Narbonne's ships?) There are actually many more twists and turns to the story, I have not included. I don't understand why the screen writers had Kingston still plan to marry Arlene after his adventures with Debbie, then have Debbie reject his offer when he finds Arlene has married Narbonne, then have Debbie spring him from jail. Would have been much more plausible if he had displaced Arlene with Debbie in his marriage plans before he found out Arlene had married. In the first scene when we transfer from Baptiste's ship to NO, the face and song of an African American lady, hawking her pralines, fills the screen.I didn't know it , but these are a French sweet pastry, with some sort of nut(typically almond or pecan) included. Philip Friend, who plays Kingston/Baptiste, was a little known film actor, seldom given the lead role. Yet, I found him quite engaging as the leading man, reminding me of young Vincent Price, in his bearing and eloquent speech, and having great chemistry with Yvonne in their give and take. Yvonne was a superb choice for the leading lady, being beautiful, bringing her singing and light dancing talents, and flaunting her sassy sarcastic wit and tomboyish personality. She played a basically similar character in a western setting in her previous Technicolor film "Frontier Gal", for instance. Elsa Lanchester, who played Madame Brizar, long married to gay Charles Laughton, had a long and varied entertainment career, preferring live audiences. Robert Douglas, as Narbonne, also had a long and varied theatrical career, including much later TV producing. He usually played aristocrats, either good or villainous, and made an impressive nemesis for Friend. Jay Flippen, as Baptiste's first mate,Jared, had a long career in films and TV, as a distinctive craggy, usually gruff, character actor. Peggy Castle, in a minor role as Cleo, remained a pretty, but minor, actress, and eventually developed an alcohol problem that lead to her early death. This film is currently included in a DVD package of 4 pirate films made by Universal in the early '50s. Recommended, if you like this type of film.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Conventional and standard Pirate movie from Universal Studios

An agreeable swashbuckler about an avenger pirate who has another identity and his girlfriend at the turn of the 17th century . Enjoyable Pirate movie dealing with a famous pirate versus powerful nobles as well as authorities and finding romance along the way . Robin Hood-like pirate Frederic Baptiste (Philip Friend) slashing his way through the fleet and takes only the ships of wealthy but wicked trader Narbonne (Robert Douglas) who is helped by his assistant Patout (Norman Lloyd) . A New Orleans entertainer Debbie or Deborah McCoy (Yvonne De Carlo) , a passenger from his latest prize, stows away on the pirate ship and falls for the pirate ; later, having become a New Orleans entertainer, the fun loving lady meets his alter ego, who's engaged to the governor's niece (Andrea King) . After numerous adventures Deborah is able to aid her incarcerated lover Frederic Baptiste to escape .Universal-International's Fiery Swashbuckling Adventure! Amusing pirate movie , plenty of action , land rescues , thrills , Sea battles , colorful cinematography , luxurious costumes and paced in lighthearted style. It is a blending of adventures , romance , musical , comedy and swashbuckler . Although the story has been told before , tight filmmaking and nice acting win out . The picture is fast-moving , exciting and thrilling right up to the final climatic confrontation. Average-budgeted film by Universal Pictures , using appropriate ship shots and miniature sets when possible . Universal took advantage of the unused sets by scripting and shooting a hastily assembled B picture, Yankee Buccaneer with Jeff Chandler .¨Buccaneer's girl¨belongs to Pirate or Swashbuckling sub-genre along with ¨Captain Blood¨, ¨The Sea Hawk¨ , ¨Long John Silver¨, ¨Anne of the Indians¨¨Adventures of Captain Fabian¨ , ¨The Crimson pirate¨ and ¨Against all flags¨ . It results to be one of Yvonne De Carlo's swashbuckling best though hasn't achieved the same classic status . Here appears the gorgeous Yvonne De Carlo as a hot-tempered pirate/entertainer moll who swoons over the British Philip Friend . Yvonne De Carlo was considered to be the Technicolor Queen , playing films of all kinds of genres , especially adventure , such as The Road to Morocco, Salome where she danced , Song of Scheherezade , Casbah , Sea devils , Captain Paradise , Passion , Band of Angels , Flame of the islands ,Death of a scoundrel , The sword and the cross ; at the ending of her life she played various terror movies as American Gothic , House of shadows , Mirror Mirror , Silent scream , Vultures , Satan's Cheerleaders . There stands out a great support cast made up with familiar faces such as Robert Douglas , Elsa Lanchester,Andrea King,Jay C. Flippen,Douglass Dumbrille,Henry Daniell , Peggy Castle and el incombustible Norman Lloyd . This is a good-natured Technicolor romp with splendid cinematography by Russell Metty and evocative musical score by Walter Scharf . The motion picture was well directed by Frederick De Cordoba , a craftsman and action specialist who had already filmed other adventures . He shot decent films as Frankie and Johnny , I'll take Sweden , Here come the Nelsons , Bedtime for Bonzo , For the love of Mary . Rating : 5.5/10 , acceptable pirate movie , wonderful stuff . It will appeal to Yvonne De Carlo fans .

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