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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Casey-52 8 / 10 / 10

Really great blaxploitation action

I had never seen a Fred Williamson movie before, but BUCKTOWN has converted me into a fan. An incredibly likable hero with intelligence and morals, Williamson is a great actor surrounded by an even better supporting cast. Duke Johnson (Williamson) returns to bury his brother in his southern town of Buchanan. While there, he encounters corrupt white cops, so he calls his black friends from the city to help him take them out. His only problem: the black gangsters now want control of the town. This plot would later be re-hashed in THE BLACK GESTAPO, by the way. BUCKTOWN has great action scenes, but even better are the character development scenes and the entire execution of a great storyline. Williamson stands for justice and brotherhood from his entrance; anyone who criticizes his performance in this film is not paying attention. Pam Grier co-stars as Aretha, his sister-in-law turned girlfriend and since this is post-FRIDAY FOSTER, does a superb acting turn here. BLACULA star Thalmus Rasulala (also in FRIDAY FOSTER) is Roy, Duke's friend who takes over the town. Comic relief is provided by Bernie Hamilton as Harley (great, effective character) and Terrie Turner as Aretha's son (annoying, but important character). Carl Weathers makes more of his famous career as a blaxploitation extra as one of Roy's henchmen. At least he speaks here! BUCKTOWN makes great use of the audience's feelings. At first, the audience empathizes with the black gangsters as they beat the senses out of the corrupt white cops, but then it turns ugly and brutal and the audience then feels bad for the cops. The audience's perceptions of the heroes in the film are constantly corrupted and that is unique for a film of this type. BUCKTOWN is not only recommended to blaxploitation fans, but also for those looking for a film with action, integrity, and intelligence.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10 / 10

This blaxpoitation film has a lot more going for it than usual

WARNING--As with almost all blaxploitation films, this one has nudity, violence and a lot of rough language. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a film for little kids, the easily offended or house pets. Just don't say I didn't warn you. The first half of this film is pretty standard stuff for a Blaxploitation film. Fred Williamson returns home for his brother's funeral and it's the first time he's been there in many years. He's shocked to see that a bunch of corrupt racist White cops are running the place. Fred is tired of getting the shakedown and hassled, so he brings in some out of town friends to put things right. This is pretty much the same plot as BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH, BOSS *IGGER and even I'M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA. And there aren't too many surprises as to what happens once this small and determined Black army hits town. However, there's a lot more to the film than this--taking the film from the usual to the extraordinary. After the town is saved, slowly the outside "friends" show their true colors. They really aren't that different from the old cops except that they are actually greedier and more cruel!! In other words, nice guy Fred Williamson is now stuck with having to fight the Black criminals--making this film different. In most Blaxploitation, the good guys and the bad guys are predictable--White power structure is evil and Black folks are almost always good (unless they are pimps or dealers working for Mr. Big). Here, however, the idea that power corrupts is illustrated--making for a more universal and deeper message. Now how Williamson responds ain't subtle (it's a lot like Bronson in DEATH WISH 2, 3 or 4) and it's a bit stupid, but it is entertaining. In addition to a better than usual plot, this film has an exceptional cast with Williamson, Pam Greer, Carl Weathers and a lot of other familiar faces. While this style film might not be your "cup of tea", if it is, you can't find one much better than this.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 5 / 10 / 10

Fred Williamson & Pam Grier - Together!

Duke Johnson (Fred Williamson) comes to Bucktown to bury his brother and settle his business. A few locals talk Duke into staying on and re-opening his brother's bar. The locals, however, don't tell Duke how his brother really died or about the racists that run Bucktown. Duke enlists some out-of-town friends to help him deal with his problems. With his black friends in power, things should be looking up for Duke. But he soon realizes that regardless of skin color, power corrupts. Once again, Duke must fight for what he believes in. I suppose the biggest reason to see Bucktown is the chance to catch Fred Williamson and Pam Grier in the same movie. They're dynamite together and exhibit some real chemistry. I was impressed with Williamson in particular. I've seen too many movies from later in his career where he sleepwalks his way to a paycheck. Not here. He really seems to be into it. As for Grier, she's terrific. The supporting cast is exceptionally strong for this kind of movie. Thalmus Rasulala is an actor who has always impressed me and he does nothing to change my opinion in Bucktown. Carl Weathers and Tony King also give nice performances. But nobody goes into a movie like this for the acting. The action and fight scenes in Bucktown are wonderful. Fists, knives, guns – this movie has it all and does it all very well. The fight choreography and staging is about the best I've seen in a Blaxploitation movie. Very nicely done! But as much as I enjoyed the actors and the action, I still can't rate Bucktown higher than a 5/10. Why? The movie makes no sense. Maybe I should just suspend logic and go with it, but I can't. In my way of thinking, you just can't kill a bunch of people without some sort of reprisal. A whole load of lawmen are killed and no one seems to take notice? I don't care if they were good-for-nothing racists, someone (State officials, family members, concerned citizens,, etc.) would surely take notice and come to town to do something about it. And if the State or whoever isn't going to do anything about all the killing, don't you think the Army would take notice of someone stealing one of their vehicles? I'm sorry, but there's no logic to any of it.

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