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Alan Cumming as Mr. Folair
Paul Reubens as Pee-Wee Herman / Desk Clerk - Groundling
Rene Russo as Helen North
Robbie Coltrane as The Duke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by allirog 2 / 10 / 10

Untrue that it's true

As a big fan of gorilla movies in general, I anticipated that this one would be great - and as for the gorilla effects, They were quite good, however - that is the only thing I can write about this flop. The film claims to be based on a true story but in effect, it does not even come close to what actually happened to "Buddy" - who in real life, was the famous Gargantua, sold to Ringling Bros. by our supposed "heroic" Gertrude Lintz, known by many animal enthusiasts as a woman who hardly had her animals' welfare in the best interest. As far as Buddy being portrayed as becoming aggressive, this was total fiction and at no time did the gorilla, in real life, resort to such behavior. buddy did, in fact, escape his wooden crate (not a plush cage room as depicted in movie) during a storm, to seek shelter and comfort in the house, which frightened Gertrude Lintz into selling him. No, Buddy was not released into a gorilla family surrounded by lush trees in a zoological paradise - he was abandoned in a wooden crate, deep in the back of a garage for some time with only a single light bulb for comfort and then sold to the circus - where he actually lived a better life having peanuts thrown at him until he died (historically the oldest living gorilla on record, by the way) before a show in Miami. Notice also, in the film, how Buddy grows older but the chimpanzees never age. (The chimps, by the way, were not raised simultaneously with other animals, including Buddy, as portrayed in the film)

Reviewed by vip_ebriega 6 / 10 / 10

Good-looking, but mostly hollow.

My Take: More proof that decent special effects and pretty sets can't tell the story. BUDDY is the film that BABE could have easily been, but while that harmless, little achievement took to a different direction (and succeeded as a great, little film), BUDDY takes off on the wrong track. The story elements are easily predictable, but that's rarely the worst part since the film, despite some imagination and style which went into the production design, the story drags on. It's dully paced and slow-moving, it's pretty hard to care for a somewhat interesting character (a domesticated ape, no less). Rene Russo plays, and is actually fine as, eccentric wealthy animal lover Gertrude Lintz, who adopts all sorts of animals, chimpanzees mostly, and grooms them into civilized beings, dressing them up and teaches them to walk upright and eat on a table (with a spoon and fork, no less). Alongside her and her menagerie of trained (and well-dressed) apes is her husband (Robbie Coltrane), a helpful maid (Irma P. Hall) and her assistant (Alan Cumming). But when she decides to adopt a harmless orphaned gorilla, her confidence is slowly loosing as Buddy, as groomed and as attentive an animal he is, he's still an animal. Russo and co., thankfully given some decent roles, are actually good, and the ape (cheesy as ape suits are today) is pretty endearing. But unlike BABE, the focus pitched on the animals are pretty tedious. This time, I think, giving the animals the gift of speech is a welcome asset. Director Caroline Thompson seemed to be distracted by the overall look of the film (the production design, from costumes to sets, are spontaneously elaborate) to strongly develop the script. The story lags a long in a drowsy, monotonous pace that could even put a few children to sleep. What could have been an eagerly acceptable fantasy with touches of engaging tragedy is an elaborate and fancy bore. BUDDY isn't a failure, but it fails more than it succeeds. At best, it's a promise that never really got off the ground. Rating: **1/2 out of 5.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

Reasonable Family Entertainment, More Indicated For Children

After growing dogs and chimpanzees, the eccentric millionaire Gertrude 'Trudy' Lintz (Rene Russo) raises a sick baby gorilla in her mansion as if it were a child, calling him "Buddy". When the animal grows, her husband, Dr. Bill Lintz (Robbie Coltrane), advises her to send it to its habitat or to a zoo. However, Trudy loves Buddy and believes she can keep it at home. After an exposition in the Chicago World's Fair, Buddy has a bad experience with the public and becomes violent, not obeying Trudy's orders anymore. "Buddy" is a reasonable family entertainment, more indicated for children. The story is not bad and focuses mainly in the relationship between Trudy and Buddy, but does not develop the characters, the place, the time. When and where the story happens? Why Trudy does not have a baby and has such abnormal behavior, preferring animals to children? How far this movie is based on a true story? With regard to the film itself, the production is not bad, but there is not "heart" in the direction and interpretation. This type of story is usually very well developed by Disney studios. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "Buddy"

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