Buffalo Rider


Adventure / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by david-569 8 / 10 / 10

After School Special meets Thailand.. but more engaging...

Astonished to see this film has not been reviewed. Onward. Would be easy to assign words like cute, warmfuzzy, heartwarming, warming, warm.. It's much more. Yes, themes are pushed, metaphors placed front and center, gentle twists and turns in the plot, character developments easy to pin, goodness and evils clearly defined. Formulaic I guess. A bit of an After School Special: Thailand. And I say good. Couldn't take your eyes off of some of the characters, the kids and the adults Easily drawn to how it was shot and presented the performers. And the buffalo(s). Simple simple. And lovely. Take the time and begin watching it... and betcha good chance it will hook ya. Two hours I won't get back, and I am very happy for it. Because the film left me... happy. A complete blubbering mess at the end of the singing silent ones. Well done. And the basketball too.. and finally smiling elder.

Reviewed by ladude-imdb / 10

Great movie

It was a nice movie This young girl from LA goes to Thailand to visit her relatives. I will say no more. Just watch it.

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