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Danny Trejo as Big Mike
John Savage as Wallace
Jonathan Banks as Pepijn of Herstal
Julia Dietze as Gretchen Henderlein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Destroyer Wod 5 / 10 / 10

Very cheap movie and it show...

I really appreciate Danny Trejo in everything he does, or should i say more or less. The guy usually have good screen presence even when relayed to a supporting cast, or even close to an extra. But this movie... The general plot on paper does not sound bad at all. Classic... VERY classic sure, but there is plenty that could be done with it. But the execution is sloppy, like very sloppy, in everything. The story, the gunfights, the bare knuckles fights. Trejo does not look like a one man army on a mission like for example Liam Neeson in Taken, he just look like a tired old man and there is full of clichés that does not help its cause either. Like bad guy have could shoot him, but decide to for ... we don't know why? Its really one of those very low budget movie that really do not deserve a second look. I don't blame Trejo but really the production company and the director. Oh and i watched a dubbed version, and its really one of those super cheap dubbing in french, where you recognize every one of the voice actors, like there is a total of 10 people or less they employ in that company. And its really mediocre recording and "talents". So yeah this didn't help, but usually they pick very low budget cause if not for them we wouldn't get those movie anyway, as nobody would pick them. So well...

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10

Been there, done that (better)

If you're a Trejo fan, you might like this a bit more than others. It's an obvious "star" vehicle for him. Though not even close to the Machete league he elevated himself to. The action is sometimes decent, sometimes awful. The story itself not really worth mentioning (I don't even think it's possible to spoil any of it, even if you tried, because it's so clear cut). Some of the actors are way over the top (like the "german" bad guy of the week), which you'll either love or loathe. But even Trejo struggles at times with some lines. Especially trying to repeat one of the better jokes in movie history -> "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight" ... maybe even mocking his Machete character? Who knows? Only thing that's for certain: It doesn't work, because the delivery is off by miles! Add to that the inability of the bad guys and one slide/move by Trejo that would put Neo to shame (or Lucky Luke and his shadow combined)

Reviewed by nikola17 5 / 10 / 10

not a bad movie (Spoliers)

i love Danny Trejo i am so happy that he is the main role in movies i loved Machete, Dead in the Tombstone i luv the movies that he is main role this movie had action but i wish the action and movie should have been better it was a bit too short they should have release the directors cut in Australia but they didn't i have no clue i liked this movie the Action, The lead actor is Danny Trejo. I really appreciate him, I like his face and the way he is acting in action movies. He looks quite bad ass. Well, I prefer the "Machete" style, but he is OK at this movie, even as a cop. i know him becoming a bad guy to good guy because sometimes i get bored when he plays the bad guy all the time all the time Danny Trejo is good guy i wanted watch this movie because he is main role i luv movies with him as main role. the action scenes a bit of car chasing was awesome not much of car chase but it did good scene with he stabbed the guy in the eye with a becoming weapon pen in the eye that was awesome i didn't get the chance to see that in Machete Franchise the shooting was awesome in hotel area witch is awesome scenes specially he did a trap he put guy in the car 2 guys pulled him out the guy in car had a hand grenade behind him get Blown up very awesome not much gore shame ! i like the awesome car what Danny drives black car suits for this movie with this character fighting cage scene was awesome when Danny was fighting with the guy 70 years old man was doing push up witch is good to keep trejo fit Danny trejo should do more boxing movies like this cage fighting film couple of them were like that of his movies the fight was lucky awesome scene but there is gore in this movie not much as Machete or Dead in the tombstone witch i like that better the Villains were (Johnathan Banks) from breaking bad was OK didn't do the best, villains are lame a bit i find them lame don't do much not much entering as Danny Trejo Character Bullet witch is trying to be like Machete to Bullet. movie has a very short storyline that is A tough cop takes the law into his own hands when his grandson is kidnapped. i mean it is kinda lazy needed more of movie and story Johnathan banks son died from lethal injection that's why he wanted to kidnapped grandson there is a lot gore in movie Johnathan had golf bat hit the guy thousands of times all blood went into the screen a lot of it witch was awesome the rest of scenes were like a bit poor made i like this movie for me 5/10 it could of have been better movie like Machete.

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