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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 8 / 10 / 10

The epitome of the phrase "I have so many questions"

To be clear, this is pretty much an all around (every part of this film, with the exception of Trejo - of whom was a pleasure to see) amateur crowd-funded B-grade film. The lead, Timur Turisbekov, makes his first-time ever dabble in filmmaking as Actor, Writer, Composer and Producer, along with novice Writer and Director Valeri Milev. Was it flawed? Absolutely. But it was so bad, it was actually good! You begin critiquing the story with questions, then give up, start to laugh, and then finally just sit back and enjoy the ride. It may even be in the running as a cult classic lol. The cinematography and choice of colors was outstanding. The visuals, sets and costumes amazing. The V/SFX and gore were top shelf for a B film. The score was very subtle and fitting, unlike most B films were it's overbearing, loud and ridiculous. The acting was actually convincing and decent, especially during some of the ridiculous scenes. The 79 min runtime was perfect for the storyline as was the pacing. At first I wasn't sure what I just saw and how to rate it. Then I saw it again with some friends high af, and I have to tell you, it's the only way to see it! And I will be seeing it again. Yes there are many bogus 10/10 reviews, but the 1/10's are just as ridiculous, as this film has many redeeming qualities, especially considering this wasn't put together by seasoned filmmakers, yet it feels like it was in some areas. I'm giving this entertaining little hidden gem an honest and well deserved 8/10. To see how I rate films like this one, click on my username to see my 1000+ reviews and read my profile on my rating system. And don't hesitate to see this one... just open up your imagination, grab the popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by contactmaz 6 / 10 / 10

This is a big mess...

Makes a pig-sty look welcoming! This is one huge mess of a film that hurt to watch... truly painful... I took one for the team by watching it all to warn others to keep away! Utter trash, and by the way, who the H comes up with ideas like this? Pigs??????? What the ????!

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10 / 10

A very bizarre and unique movie...

Well, I must admit that I was initially lured in to watch the 2019 movie "Bullets of Justice" because I saw Danny Trejo on the movie's cover. Sure, I hadn't even heard about the movie prior to sitting down to watch it, much less knowing what it was about. And I must say that "Bullets of Justice" from writers Valeri Milev and Timur Turisbekov is a strange movie, nay, a weird movie. There was, however, something very unique and enjoyable about it at the same time. Now, the weird part was the storyline, because it was all over the place and there wasn't all that much meat on the storyline actually, but come the ending of the movie, it was actually a nice turn of events and quite a twist to the storyline. And the enjoyable parts of the movie was the grindhouse-feel that it had to it, and also all the things that were just over-the-top strange and bizarre. I suppose that director Valeri Milev's movie is either you like it or not. I don't think that "Bullets of Justice" has any middle ground given the uniqueness of the entire movie. Either you're in or you're out... As for Danny Trejo being in the movie, yeah, don't get your hopes up. He wasn't even in the movie for 5 minutes, but I suppose his face and name does work well to lure in the audience. It worked on me, after all. "Bullets of Justice" is a mixed bag of acting performances, because some were actually putting on good performances while others were just cringeworthy to look at and listen to. The visual presentation of "Bullets of Justice" was definitely a factor that helped win me over, because that gritty grindhouse sensation that permeated from the movie was just worked well in favor of it all. As for the special effects, well the practical effects were good enough, but the CGI effects were shoddy and dubious to be honest. I was actually enjoying "Bullets of Justice", after getting over the initial "what the..." feeling I had as the movie was just getting started. I can recommend you sit down to watch it and let it win you over. Don't just give up at the beginning of the movie, because once you're over that sense of disbelief, then the movie actually becomes enjoyable. My rating of "Bullets of Justice" is a six out of ten stars.

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