Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanbrn 8 / 10 / 10

Stubborn, Powerful, Greedy, who went out with a sick downfall.

This latest look at Roy Cohn is an "HBO" doc from the Rosenbergs grandaughter it's called "Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy". Those words pretty much sum it up as it's a collection of interviews with friends, family, journalists, and associates, who knew and had dealings with the legal and business power play as thru their words they give opinions and facts about Roy's life. Clips and vintage footage is shown all during Roy's life from the Rosenberg trial right up until his death in 1986 of "AIDS". Spotlighted is his working in "NYC" with business and political leaders and how he did some money hiding. Plus he was the one to influence Donald Trump to much bigger things(like now being president!) Interviews given show Roy as cold and win at all cost also sheltered and closeted as he never admitted having "AIDS". Interviews given from the gay community were revealing and eye opening about his backdoor secrets. Overall this man was stubborn and tough who in the end had a downfall from his power and secrets. Overall good political and historical doc to watch.

Reviewed by cyamo 1 / 10 / 10

Propaganda, Inc.

Director/Producer Ivy Meeropol uses her documentary for a dual purpose. First, she presents Roy Cohn as the most horrible human being imaginable - a ruthless, dishonest shyster/fixer, tax evader, deadbeat, thief, and closet gay. She then makes the argument that he used false evidence in the trial that led to the conviction and execution of the notorious spies for the USRR, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg - who happen to be Ms. Meeropol's paternal grandparents. While the film doesn't go as far as proclaiming that the Rosenbergs were innocent of passing atomic bomb secrets to the Russians, she is arguing that they were unjustly convicted. Her second purpose, making her documentary oh so timely and contemporary, is to link the demonized Cohn to Donald J. Trump with every bit of archival footage and photos that her researchers turned up. She gives the impression that Cohn mentored Trump and did him and his family many political favors. The message is clear: Roy Cohn and Donald Trump are birds of a feather. But, wait - actually, Donald Trump is worse than Cohn, because after everything Roy had done for him, Trump abandons him when he is disbarred and dying of AIDS! In terms of filmmaking, the documentary is a jumble of bits and pieces from an army of frenemies, enemies, and acquaintances until they all begin to feel like repetitive filler. And although we are treated to many clips of the man himself, he proves an elusive quarry.

Reviewed by svimburg-1 1 / 10 / 10

Lopsided polemic attacking Roy Cohen and arguing inaccurately that Communist traitors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were innocent

I saw there was something about Roy Cohn so I record this show because he's an interesting figure in American history. But as I was watching, I wasn't learning anything about Roy Cohen but instead I was hearing how Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were not guilty. But the Rosenbergs were definitely guilty. There's just no doubt about it. So what was I watching? And then I figured out that the Rosenberg's granddaughter produce this lopsided polemic. I learned next to nothing about Roy Cohn that I didn't already know and I had to listen to a bunch of misinformation about how the Rosenbergs were innocent when they're actually totally guilty. Only Rosenbergs or people sympathetic to the Rosenbergs will enjoy this show. Everyone else will give it one star.

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