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Gemma Arterton as Alice
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Saoirse Ronan as Charlotte Murchison
Thure Lindhardt as Skoleelev
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OJT 7 / 10 / 10

Best vampire flick since Let the right one in

This poster drew me to this film. Not the poster shown here on IMDb, but the colorful green, yellow and red which are used other places. I wasn't expecting too much, but was surprise ad when I saw the casting, and that it was a Neil Jordan-flick. I've admired Jordan since I saw The Crying Game. This story reminds me quite a bit about the Swedish "Låt den retta komma in" ("Let the right one in"). It has the right realism which made the the Swedish film so special, and the same coloring tone. The scenery in the beautiful harbor tine of Hastings are perfect, and it really made me want to visit there, which I will, most certainly. Combined with the Dickens inspired older sessions in the movie. If there were justice in this works, this would have had the success of "Twilight", or rather instead of. It's very British, stylish, bleak, beautiful, and the casting is simply perfect, like it seems in all British films. The idea is simply brilliant, and I love the idea of vampires running a brothel, as well as the depth of the longing for a different life. It's desperate. Saoirse Ronan is once again electric, and the third film I've seen in a short time with Caleb Landry Jones (both fabulous, "Antiviral" and "Contraband") convinces me he is a big star in the making. Gemma Atherton is perfect. I found the storytelling excellent, and I was very entertained all way through, though this isn't really my type of story. I think the ancient part of the story is good, but I think the red bloody waterfall is a bit over the top, and also slows the story and the believability. But otherwise this is grand film making.

Reviewed by duskraider 10 / 10 / 10

Wanted to love this film but it stumbles mightily

I really tried with this film but about half way through, I knew that this film would not deliver on what I thought it promised. Perhaps it is my fault for not watching a trailer for the movie, but I generally like to go into movies with no more than a tagline. I thought this movie would be about vampires. To a light degree it is but it is a much distant tertiary plot at best. Instead, viewers are treated to a slow burn of a movie, where a 200-year old vampire somehow has not grown up or figured much of anything out yet. Ronan's character just seems to float through this movie with no awareness of her surroundings or how to live life even if it is eternal. Through her needless actions she gets more people killed who have lived a quarter of her life and seem to have a better grasp on reality. But I articulate too much on a characterization and motive flaw. This movie tries to juggle multiple storylines but falters in carrying them all. We jump back in time once and while in this flashback we jump to a flashback within that scene. A big lack of cohesiveness fell over this movie. This type of jumping happens multiple times within the film and never really grasped me or made me feel for any character except perhaps the mother. The movie never quite knows if it wants to be a period piece or a origin story. I could have done with neither and instead focus on vampires. But this movie treats vampirism as if it's not really worth talking about. We get a weird subplot about the Brotherhood but it is never explained what they do, how many there are, why females are not permitted, why they couldn't find our main female protagonists for over 200 years conveniently. I have much disdain for the sickly boy that the Ronan's character falls for. Why does she fall for him? It's not really explained but his character annoyed me to no end. One scene he seems able, the next he's literally a zombie. Regardless of whether this may be a true to life representation of leukemia patients, his performance sucked the soul out of this movie. His plot of being turned was predictable. The movie doesn't justify why he deserves it. The surprise plot twist of the vampire aristocrat turning on the Brotherhood just seemed to serve as a convenient plot device for the main characters as well. My last criticisms are for the ineffective backdrop of the main characters being vampires. The sickly boy even asks questions, which go unanswered, that left me scratching my head. Where are the vampire fangs? Not a prerequisite but the thumb nail puncture thing did not work for me. Why can these vampire's be in direct sunlight with no ill effects? Why did not one of the vampires display anything supernatural about themselves? So I can go to an island and be instantly granted eternal life? I was looking for a movie to give a different take on vampire lore and all I got was a generic movie with silly character interactions.

Reviewed by bandito 10 / 10 / 10

this is a great take on vampires!

Worth at least 8! as now 6.5, ridiculous. The cast, story , picture is great. It is a bit slow but that is very appropriate for this movie. When he directed Interview wt a vamp, it was a different story and take of the vampires. This director is amazing. It seem the vast majority of his work is great.

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