Cabin Boy


Adventure / Comedy / Romance

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Alfred Molina as James Tyrone
Brian Doyle-Murray as Earl Stein
Jim Cummings as Winnie The Pooh / Tigger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siavash_khavarnejad 10 / 10 / 10

Comedy Classic!

I am really shocked by this movie's super low rating of not even five out of ten, I figured it probably would be kind of low since it was not as good as Chris Elliott's TV show Get a Life and a lot of people didn't like his humour or this movie, but it was pretty good. It's obviously not for everyone with a really "out there" sense of humour but for what it was it was really funny, with a lot of laugh out loud gut busting moments. David Letterman's "wanna buy a monkey?" cameo is fantastic and Chris Elliott is great as the full of himself, super annoying rich kid turned cabin boy. I really recommend it if you like any of his other work or Get A Life.

Reviewed by moore9157 10 / 10 / 10

misunderstood comedy is a true masterpiece

what can be said of cabin boy's idiotic genius? Chris Elliot proves he is the master of absurd comedy in this one of a kind, off the wall masterpiece! I'm almost ashamed to love it so dearly. The movie propels itself through a bizarre mythological backdrop using Elliots uncanny knack for brilliant, stupid, amazingly funny dialog and antics. Cabin boy stays true to all that is Elliot from beginning to end. It doesn't change its mind halfway through, and is too unassuming to attempt to deliver any heartwarming morally relevant conclusion. Chris Elliot's antihero is so lovably hate able that you feel the desire to both punch him in the face, and gently rock him to sleep in a comfy blanket. This comedy is probably not for everyone, but the payoff for those who understand its naive, cynical hilarity is worth the rental fee. Hell, you can buy it for under six bucks almost any where. It is truly a misunderstood work of pure cinematic bliss.

Reviewed by leechfoot 10 / 10 / 10

The Greatest Movie Ever Made by Humans

The fish stick kitten scene made me laugh so hard I missed most of the rest of the movie, but I'm sure it was also great. I don't think this movie will ever get the recognition it deserves. Mostly because Chris Elliot is kind of unpleasant. Not to me. Well, okay yes to me. He is unpleasant to me, but in a good way. People should just lighten up and realize that this movie is brilliant. Come on. True I do like this movie a lot because of scenes that are actually in Get A Life, Chris Elliot's TV show. And that's not really fair. But that episode where Martin Mull comes over and they go to that brothel while they play "Afternoon Delight?" That was so funny that it kind of bleeds over into Cabin Boy and makes that funny too.

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