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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10 / 10


It's low budget horror, so you should know what to expect then. It is funny at times (some dialog choices are nice) and the characters are as out there as you would imagine they'd be. The effects are quite decent for a movie like this (which cannot always be said about the "acting" unfortunately). You can have a couple of laughs if you watch it with friends (kind of like a party movie, though there are better ones to get excited about of course). Don't expect there to be nudity, but there is a lot of gore/blood around. It takes a bit at the start, but after that it's a "festival" of violence if you want to call it that ... watch the trailer to be certain if this is for you though

Reviewed by westwords 10 / 10 / 10

89 minutes - forever lost

A group of friends wants to party at a camping fair - "Happy Camping". All the visitors pass out at night and wake up to random strangers attacking them. Obviously, some of the guests had bad beer, for they became... zombies! After several painful dialogues and zombie killing the group learns what happened... and tries to fight it. Sounds like a nice film to watch? Unfortunately not. I was fooled by the (in that time) 6-star rating. After watching the movie I realised that only around 40 people have voted on that movie, so that explains a lot. To make things short: The one mandatory star I have to give is for the nice cleavage which is presented to the viewer every five minutes during the movie. Besides from that, "Caedes" features an unbelievably stupid plot, bad acting, worse sound mixing and outstandingly poor jokes, not to mention the cheap gore. Watching this hurt. Really, really bad. In general, I can appreciate even the worst zombie/gore/horror- flick. Obiously, this one here marks an exception. Don't, just don't.

Reviewed by katjahuy 10 / 10 / 10

for zombie heads with wicked humor ;)

"Caedes - Forestglade of Death (Die Lichtung des Todes)" is an awesome movie created by German productions near Munich. It was possible to arrange a great selection of excellent actors. It's a quite funny splatter film with sophisticated SFX (no blood or body computer-generated imagery)! It contains an interesting story about a still current political issue presented in a realistic and sarcasm way at the same time! The beginning of the story is structured in a classic way. A bunch of young people make plans for a camping trip in a forest. They meet a lot of other people there and have fun together. They have a party and everything seems to be fine, as expected. Even so the situation is supposed to turn overnight, literally. Further the story takes its bloody course and rises to a horrifying revelation... A definitely exciting movie for all zombie heads and horror fans :D Comedy and horror alternate with one another continually. It can definitely keep abreast of grand Hollywood movies! All in all, a great movie considering the available resources. :)

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