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Alan Ladd as Neale Gordon
Benson Fong as Young Chinese Clerk
Gail Russell as Virginia Moore
June Duprez as Marina Tanev
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsda 10 / 10 / 10

Ladd and Russell, a great combo

This film, which actually was one of Ladd's most financially successful films of the 40's, is a fun ride. Surprisingly, it's reputation has been one of a potboiler. It moves swiftly and has many good twists and turns. Gail Russell is wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful as the mysterious femme fatale. Alan Ladd was very well matched with Gail Russell. More so than Veronica Lake with her stony blonde beauty. The beautiful darkness of Russell and the Blonde Ladd was much more interesting. They were close friends and it shows in their two feature films together. A lot of the TV prints of this films have scenes missing that are crucial to the plot so if you can get a hold of a complete version of Calcutta you will be very lucky. A fun film from the 40's that you should try and catch up with.

Reviewed by juanandrichard 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent Ladd Vehicle

"Calcutta" was one of Alan Ladd's most successful movies of the 1940s (even out-grossing "The Blue Dahlia") and is a fun combination of film noir and adventure. Alan Ladd and Gail Russell made a beautiful couple, and I was sorry that they made only two co-starring vehicles together. Some critics resented the fact that Gail Russell was the villainness of the story, but I have to disagree. It added irony at the end, and debunked the type-casting limitations so many stars of that period had to suffer through. She was a real beauty! As well, the supporting cast is excellent, in particular Broadway's Edith King. Without a doubt, this is a typical Alan Ladd "star vehicle" of the period -- to be enjoyed for what it is (a fun "Terry and the Pirates" type vehicle), and not to be over-analyzed.

Reviewed by mcgill653 10 / 10 / 10

Gail's performance in Calcutta

I have read the negative reviews, both concerning the overall impression of the movie and individual performances, and there may be some truth with them. But look at this view of my feeling of Gail's performance. This acting might be both an indication of John Farrow's ability and talent in knowing how to direct an actress with Gail's temperament so excellently, and Gail's own capability in understanding this directing. We first see Gail leaning over the stair railing, calling out to Alan Ladd if he is looking for her. Her posture here, her body language seems to me to show a personality of confidence and self-assurance. This demeanor of hers is bolstered, I feel, with a tone and articulation of voice adding to her firmness of mind. In every scene and conversation with Ladd, Gail's character, I feel, shows us a guiltless innocence in tone and manner, betraying no emotion but simply, slyly, and slowly winning Ladd over, conning him. And she almost succeeds as Ladd says, " really got under my skin..." and "If I live too long I may get too crazy about you." In the end our hero saves himself from the sly seductress, though. Gail's calm, self-confident, and subdued manner is apparent in every scene and always deliberate and intended to be that way. Her delicate, gentle looking face and tone is an excellent facade. For, we find out that she is the "fatal woman" of a big criminal organization. And who better to play this part than a sweet talking, innocent looking and sounding con artist and back stabbing woman who, "would have hated to kill you," as Gail's last words to Ladd are as she is lead away by the police. Other examples of Gail's duplicitous behavior can be seen throughout the movie, and, I feel all very effectively accomplished with the helping hand of John Farrow's excellent direction.

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