California Dreaming


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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September 11, 2020


Bonnie Bartlett as Melinda Booke
Dennis Christopher as The Hippie
Seymour Cassel as Mr. Koster
Tanya Roberts as Stephanie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ratline-1 5 / 10 / 10

Capture the old Avila Beach

I've been looking for the title of this movie since San Luis Obispo County made Unocal clean up funky little Avila Beach. It seems a pipeline under the street from their oil terminal was leaking oil under the stand. This led to Unocal buying up most of the downtown and then selling or trading properties. Back to how I found it. It played last year on one of the premium channels, but I couldn't recall the title. Then last week I saw Seymour Cassel co-starring in TV's new "HEIST" show on one of the networks. I recognized his face, but not his silver hair. It was blonde in California Dreaming, so I checked his bio and found the film. I agree, I thought it was an early seventies film, not 1979. But then the old central coast town of Avila was timeless. Small beach, volleyball court sloped to the ocean, unpainted building on the corner where he lived was an abandoned property owned by an eccentric who held on to everything he owned. All of the old Avila Beach is torn down now. Even the only historic building in town--the Custom House. The name now exists as a new restaurant down the street at the foot of the pier. For those who want to see what a small California beach town once looked like, rent or buy "California Dreaming". It's all that's left of the once funky town of Avila, where no one has ever drowned playing in the local surf. Reason? There is very little undertow. The waves crash and take you back to the beach. Board surfing is non-existent.

Reviewed by kattaie 9 / 10 / 10

Fun and a True Portrait of SoCal Beach Memory Serves Me

I wanted to see this movie, to show my husband what life was like growing up in SoCal hanging out at the beach in the 1970's. I didn't think it would be much of a movie but hoped that it would capture some of the "scene" as I remembered it... I was not disappointed! I "thought" I saw some of the kids I went to high school with in the background... I "thought" I was seeing old landmarks I remembered... I was really surprised to find it was filmed on the central coast, and that pretty much everyone in it was an actor! If you want to see a film that truly captures that time... early to mid 1970's in SoCal (Newport, Huntington, Laguna, Capistrano) THIS is the movie to watch... Yes, we were THAT shallow and yet uninvolved with everything going on in the "real world" because THE BEACH and anything that happened there was ALL that mattered... the sun DID shine like diamonds off the surface of the water...there were small crowds of people and wide open spaces of beach everyday... guys were obsessed with surfing and girls were obsessed with getting the guy... WHAT a Time Capsule! The acting is good in that these are all actors yet they portrayed the "scene" so well if you lived through it like I did, you just might be asking yourself if you know them... the storyline is not too far off from real life at that time either... but you had to live then and there for it to be real for you... I can almost smell the Coppertone...

Reviewed by david-1301 9 / 10 / 10


This is one of those movies I hope to see again. I often surf the internet hoping to find this movie released on DVD. A great soundtrack, a good cast and an interesting angle on growing up... surf style. Includes the best recording of "California Dreamin" extent, and the instrumental "Brothers Theme" is haunting! The sub plot of re-living the glory days by an over the hill surfer in contrast with the adolescence of the kids around him provides sort of a retrospective view of life. It is a deeper movie than it seems to be on the surface, which makes the comedy funnier, and the sad moments even more so, kind of like a good episode of MASH. A cleaned up 5.1 enhanced DVD release of this movie would be most welcome by me!

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