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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ian-deynzer 7 / 10 / 10

A very entertaining comedy

Loved this Italian version of Sans Filtro. Every bit as funny and amusing the Spanish version, possibly even better due to Valentina Ludovini's portrayal of the lead character. Great light entertainment, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Reviewed by georgioskarpouzas / 10

Subdued woman's ego boosted by alternative therapist

Despite the negative reception of this movie by Greek film critics I went to its opening with a friend and when it finished she told me:"Bravo George a very good choice". It is not a masterpiece but it portrays convincingly the all too familiar case of a professional woman entering early middle age who is exploited by her social environment by subtle and less subtle ways. She obligingly perseveres until a session with an alternative therapist, about the existence of whom she learned while zapping on TV late in the night, has a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde effect on her character and behavior. I will not disclose more but I have to point out that the hedonistic consumerism of post-modern culture is ably presented, as well as the cult of youthfulness and boundless self-expression. Most of the characters are likeable despite or perhaps because of their foibles and faults. The bittersweet taste of life is displayed in a playful manner with Italian finesse. Ignore the highfalutin critics and watch this movie.

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