Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam


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Nick Jonas as Self - Actor / Musician / Singer-Songwriter, Jonas Brothers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DiamondGirlfl 3 / 10 / 10

Enough Already

It seems that the only thing Disney can do is keep repeating itself over and over...with very little original anything being created. They are trying to promote another teen queen with using Demi Lovato in the starring role. While she can sing fairly well, her acting skills leave much to be desired. There is no depth to any of it. We are suppose to believe she is THAT upset about everything happening around her. The camp on the other side of the lake apparently has everything amazing going for them...and want to WIN the competition. The heck with having a fun and memorable summer...those kids are there because they ALL plan to be HUGE stars...soon...that is if their egos don't get in the way and they can prove they can actually sing, dance and perform. The well known Jonas Brothers show up..not as themselves...but as camp counselers...who are suppose to teach the younger kids how to be ROCK stars. Of course...two of the three seem to do OK..but one always seems to have issues...that we suppose to find funny..(Kevin..the now-married one...who never gets ANY love interest in any of their shows..)..While they do sing and play isn't anything memorable at all. We know who we are suppose to cheer for...the good kids...the ones who have heart and are responsible...with or without adult supervision...which there is very little of most of the time. Lets' see...teenagers..left the adds up to more than just roasting marshmallows over the campfire. At least in the real world anyway. These are clean-cut Disney Kids though...and none have thoughts of anything even remotely out of line. What got me was they way these kids the highest of fashion...very un-camping like attire. Who wears dresses and jewelery at camp? Both the girls and the guys were over-dressed big time. And yes...I is a movie for pre-teens and teens that haven't outgrown family oriented programing. Trust a few years...these same kids will think this stuff is lame. On to bigger and more adult themes...and then the next generation of Disney fans will come along. The way Disney crams their programing at everyone is ridiculous. It is like riding the rides in the Disney Parks...they are all fun the first few times you ride them...then after a get tired of it all and wish for something else that is different and more memorable. The Disney of old is NOT the same as what they are cranking out today. Pity.

Reviewed by abalpn-99472 1 / 10 / 10

This sequel is an entire waste of time

I haven't watched the first and second film but I've heard about the plot. They wanted to make it just like the High School Musical franchise. I don't like the Jonas Brothers because they think they're cool and all that. One of those brothers have a bad attitude. Taylor Swift dated one of them but I don't know who. I like Taylor Swift and I feel bad that she got dumped by a loser Jonas brother. Anyway, the drama in this sequel was cheap and cheesy. I thought that it was the end of that but they're making the third installment. I said to myself, "Are they're really going to make the third film? You're kidding." Demi wanted to do this. They even wanted the film to be R-rated. I was like, "What?! R-rated?!" It will probably be in the next two years when it's going to be released. So the first and second were not good. They were just a waste of time and money.

Reviewed by brandonshedder 1 / 10 / 10

Camp WRONG Strikes Again

Wow, and just when I thought DCOMs couldn't get any worse than Quints. Just kidding, Quints sucked a$$. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is thankfully the final Camp Rock movie in this unfortunate series of events. Yet again, horrible acting mixed with dreadful songs and an unbelievably ridiculous script toss this film into a spiral of garbage. If you are looking forward to this movie, please stop. Run in the opposite direction and go pop in "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" for some real entertainment. Trust me. This "film" is slightly improved from the first due to Demi Lovato's sort of better acting skills, better camera work, and...that's it. Unlike the first movie, the characters randomly break out into song about their situation, which is a huge issue that continues throughout the whole film. In "Camp Rock," the characters only sang when on a stage or prompted to, which felt real and fit with the camp. However, one of my biggest annoyances in musical movies is when nonsensical things like people breaking out into perfectly synchronized song and dance with no preparation happen. Another absolutely horrible part of this movie is when Demi Lovato's character, Mitchie, leads Camp Rock into Camp Star with an absolutely mind bogglingly bad, horrendous, cheesy, cringe worthy dance number and chant. I literally had to skip this part or I probably would have died. The Jonas Brothers return yet again, but are equally as bad as they were in the first movie, if not worse. Like I said in my review of "Camp Rock," I don't get at all why this boy band was even cast in the film to begin with. Money grab again? Yup. The best actor connected to these brothers in this movie is the big black dude who screams something about their bus rolling down a hill. That's downright sad. (Not because he's black, black people are gr8 I'M NOT RACIST.) Also, the obnoxious, vomit inducing romance between Nate and that girl with the ten mile wide mouth from Camp Star is the most unrealistic, rushed, cheesy a$$ bullsh*t I've ever seen in my life. Why the hell are they so obsessed with each other after talking for literally thirty seconds? Like really, Nick Jonas, you're going to spy on this girl with binoculars by the side of a lake just because she's hot? REALLY? The plot sucks. Doesn't make sense. The final outcome of Camp Rock losing is I guess a good lesson to teach kids that winning isn't everything, but it was kind of a dumb decision when the entire film was about them working really hard on this one specific performance, only to have it fail miserably. Also, why are they suddenly friends with the bully Tess, who then betrays them yet again, reversing the sort of I guess meaningfulness of them being friends again, by joining the rival camp. What? Besides being random and sounding ridiculous, the musical numbers ARE HORRIBLE. I skipped every one of them after a few seconds due to their sheer lack of quality. Now you may be wondering, 'gee, are the musical numbers in Camp Rock 2 better than the ones in Camp Rock?' I thought about this for a minute, and realized the musical numbers in the first film are slightly better those in the second. However, I can say they're easier to laugh and cringe at in Camp Rock 2. IT SUCK.

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